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The Proper Essay Format

The Proper Essay Format

A proper essay should contain a title page unless specified or MLA type of essay. The title page should contain the student name, the unit title or number, the course and institution, the instructor’s name and the date.  Most writing styles require the margins to be one inch on all sides. The sentences should be double spaced except for long quotations containing more than thirty words, this quotations are usually single spaced. Each page should have a page number preferably on the top right margin. The text is usually aligned to the left margin but not the right margin.  A proper essay should be written in 12 point Times New Roman font.

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A proper essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction is a build up to the essay’s issue or point of argument. The reader should be able to know what the essay is about. The body of the essay contains a group of paragraphs; each paragraph should focus on one issue or idea that supports the major topic of discussion.  The paragraphs should have evidence that expound on the idea. The conclusion should be a summary of the discussion. It is basically a trace of the essay from the beginning to the end with emphasis on the main points.

A proper essay should contain citations when the writer includes material from another source.  Citation helps the reader to locate the work in order to find out more information. Citations also strengthen an essay because they provide support to the writer’s ideas.

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A proper essay should contain a reference page. The word reference should be centered on top of the page and should be unformatted; that is the word should not be in bold, underlined or in quotation marks. All lines after the first line should be indented half an inch from the left margin what is referred to as hanging indentation. The entries should always have the last name of the main author first. These entries should be arranged in alphabetical order.