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Simple argumentative essay topics

What isĀ anĀ argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay that relies on evidence as well as reasoning to support some proposition. In an argumentative essay, there are two sides of an issue, which can either be supported or opposed depending on the point of view. An argumentative essay thus tries to convince the reader to take the position of the writer through support of the reasoning; with facts. The writer further ensures that he acknowledges that there are opposing views, but their importance to the discussed topic is minimal. At the end of an argumentative essay, the writer support of the topic is clear and can thus convenience others to take his side.

Simple argumentative essay topics Students

How to choose a good essay

In choosing an argumentative essay, it is important that the writer identifies a topic that he understands. The topic should be clear to the writer, to ensure that collecting of supporting evidence becomes easier. The topic should also be narrowed to ensure that cases of ambiguity are not encountered. Narrowing the topic makes the audience understand the specific argument raised by the writer. A good argumentative essay should also be composed of a topic that is debatable or controversial and it is understood by the readers. A good essay should finally show that the writer has in-depth understanding of the topic and has researched widely on the topic.

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Simple argumentative essay topics

Examples of topics on argumentative essay

A good example of an argumentative essay topic is “Marrying at a tender age leads to a successful family”.

Other topics could be:

  1. Parents are to blame for rising insecurity in the country.
  2. Presidential system of governance is more efficient than the parliamentary system of governance.
  3. Single parenthood leads to undivided love for children is also another topic.
  4. Mobile phones have become a necessary evil in the society.