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Rhetoric essay

Rhetoric essay

A rhetoric essay is a kind of a persuasive essay that uses three modes of persuasion, ethos, logos and pathos. From the definition, it follows that a rhetoric analysis is an analysis of a rhetoric essay or any other model used to make a certain statement. It examines the intended statement and evaluates the model used to persuade the intended audience. For example, some statements use ethos-which makes use of the reputation of the person making the statement, others use pathos-which appeals to the emotion of the listeners while other statements use logos-an appeal to logic. Arguments that appeal to logic are usually the best, though this does not necessarily mean they are the most compelling.

Rhetoric essay Students

The first step in writing a rhetorical analysis is to gather information. This step entails finding details about the speaker, the occasion, the audience, the subject and the purpose of the presentation. The background information is useful to the analyst because it helps with background information and consequently helps in proceeding to the next step in writing a rhetoric analysis.

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Examination of the models of persuasion used, the next step in analysis, examines the methods used by the presenter to drive the intended point. For example, as shown earlier, the best modes of persuasion appeal to logic and try to make a logical connection of the proposition to the audience. Examination of the models used is followed by an examination of the style of presentation. For example, repetition of certain points in the presentation makes these points memorable to the audience.

The last step involves a scrutiny of the presentation. Before the analysis, it is important to rationalize the reasons behind the usage of certain points in the analysis. For example, understand why the presentation selected the strategy used and the potential effects of the strategy on the intended audience. If the strategy serves the intended purpose, then the presentation is successful.