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Persuasive Research paper topics

Persuasive Research paper topics

A Research paper is an academic writing used in determining a student’s ability to gather information relevant to a given research topic within a field of study. It gives the student an opportunity to exhibit his/her ability to use collected facts to support a chosen topic and thesis. Like a typical research paper, a persuasive research paper has an introduction that defines the topic of study, the thesis and thesis statement, and the body that might be divided into various sections to support the thesis through topical sentences that build on the defined thesis statement.

Persuasive research paper topics Students

A persuasive research paper is different from the typical research paper because it seeks to persuade people (readers) to believe assertively presented facts, share the writer’s morals, consent  to the writer’ line of reasoning, judgment and above all; assume/be inclined to the writer’s thoughts. In other words, a persuasive research paper is a research paper that gives the writer/student the flexibility of assertively presenting his/her arguments to persuade his audience/readers into perceiving a certain idea according to his/her judgment, opinion, and conclusions.

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In order to convince the readers/audience to agree with your facts, values, arguments and conclusions, choosing a good, relevant interesting and emotionally appealing topic is important. Besides that, one should choose a readily researchable topic that has credible sources to support facts used to win an argument. A good topic for persuasive research paper should have windows of sparking emotions and emotional reactions among readers such that the student/writer harnesses them to make arguments more appealing. Most importantly, in order for a research paper to be considered a persuasive research paper, its topic has to be controversial or able to have significant oppositions that the writer must be prepared to acknowledge but dismiss with credible facts.

Example of persuasive research paper topics

  1. The United States should use “Air-strikes” in Russia to end wars.
  2. The United States should issue and recommend the use of “Un-Tested” Ebola Drugs in West Africa.
  3. The death penalty sentence should be extended to Juveniles
  4. Fighting Cyber-terrorism should be given higher priority than nuclear-terrorism.
  5. Technological inventions have crippled labor markets.

In conclusion, persuasive research papers are research papers that seek to convince the readers to accept newer perceptions and judgments.

Check More Creative Research Paper Topics

  1. Should parent spank their children?
  2. Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of behavioral reinforcement?
  4. Should surrogate parenting be allowed?
  5. What are the human causes of global warming?
  6. What were the causes of the financial crisis of 2007/8?
  7. What lessons can humanity learn from its past?
  8. Should space travel be commercialized?
  9. What role does the Federal Reserve play in regional trade?
  10. Do economic suctions work on nations such as Iran and North Korea?
  11. Should the united stated provide military intervention in cases of human rights abuse?
  12. What is the most important meal of the day?
  13. What steps can be taken in efforts to tackle global hunger?
  14. What obligations do rich countries have to poor countries?
  15. Is the global population a problem?
  16. Is the electoral process broken?
  17. Do same sex unions have a place in the modern world?
  18. Should gender requirements be changed?
  19. What needs to be done to ensure more women in leadership positions?
  20. Should men have paternity leave?
  21. Should tax payers pay for free healthcare programs?
  22. Is the cost of healthcare too high?
  23. What obligations do insurance companies have to their policy holders?
  24. Should companies that fail be bailed out?
  25. Should governments protect vital economic sectors in the economy?
  26. What are the effects of monopoly in an economy?
  27. Should pedophile and rapists be castrated?
  28. Are methods of administering the death penalty inhuman?
  29. Has the correctional system in the United States failed?
  30. Is the privatization of the correctional system good?
  31. Are public servants adequately compensated?
  32. Should single parents be allowed to adopt children?
  33. What role does the media play in informing the public?
  34. What are the dangers of using cell phone while driving?
  35. Will fossil fuel play an important role in the next century?
  36. What effect do technological advancements have on modern business practices?
  37. What responsibilities do companies have to their staff?
  38. Internship programs?
  39. Is wealth management essential?
  40. Can unmanned vehicles become a part of modern life?
  41. What obligations to parties have during conflicts?
  42. What role does the United Nations play in global politics?
  43. Should Greece exit the Euro Zone?
  44. Are robots the future of technology?
  45. Does texting have a negative effect on people’s vocabulary?
  46. Stopping female genital mutilation.
  47. Should charitable contributions be taxed?
  48. Is estate planning essential?
  49. How safe are current food preservation technology?
  50. What role do patents play in an ever changing world?