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Persuasive essay format

Persuasion Essay Definition

The aim of a persuasion essay is to convince the reader to adopt a specific point of view or take a particular action. It is used to show the legitimacy of a certain idea over another by utilizing logic and reasoning. The writer is required to stand for or against an idea and convince the reader to take the same stand as well. When writing a persuasive essay, the writer should use sound reasoning and sufficient evidence that is factual for instance by quoting experts or referring to available statistics. The argument in the essay should be debatable, that is, have two sides or viewpoints.

Persuasion Essay Students

Persuasive essay format

When writing a persuasion essay, the writer should start with the introduction. This introduces the topic to the readers. This also catches the attention of the reader about the content of the essay which is put forward as a thesis or focus statement. This guides the reader when reading the essay and also imposes manageable limits on the writer when writing the topic.

The second part of a persuasive essay is the body.  This should be presented in paragraphs where each paragraph represents a point supporting the main idea. The writer should support each point with evidence or examples. The writer should also address the counter arguments for the opposing view- points. When addressing the opposing viewpoint, the writer should acknowledge the validity of his opponent’s argument.

The last part of the persuasive essay is the conclusion. This is a summary of the most important ideas of the essay. The writer should creatively restate their main idea and the supporting points they have laid out. This leaves the readers more connected to the topic, it also makes the main idea more persuasive.