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Marketing Assignment Help

Marketing assignments in colleges and universities are considered to be the most exciting ones as they give students a chance to explore the present business models. Yet, papers can be very confusing because they demand in-depth problem solving, the use of multiple tools, great academic knowledge, more time and ability to relate marketing methods and strategies to business management, financial analysis and economics for the project to be successful.

Marketing Assignment

Over the years, we have provided my assignment help for millions of students to achieve their academic goals and we’ve decided to list basic assignment types.

Types of business techniques

  • Ad tracking
  • Advertising problem solving
  • Brand equity research
  • Brand association research
  • Brand attribute research
  • Brand name testing
  • Commercial eye tracking research
  • Concept testing
  • Coolhunting
  • Buyer decision making process
  • Copy testing
  • Customer satisfaction problem solving
  • Demand estimation
  • Distribution channel audits
  • Internet strategic intelligence
  • Marketing effectiveness and analytics
  • Mystery shopping
  • Positioning research
  • Price elasticity testing
  • Sales forecasting
  • Segmentation research
  • Online panel
  • Store audit
  • Test marketing
  • Viral marketing research

In addition, there are different methods based on questioning that include qualitative research and quantitative commerce problem solving. These methods based on observation include ethnographic studies and experimental techniques. Business to business – (B2B). Learning how to write academic custom papers and get expert marketing assignment help is important because the future business will depend on you marketing skills.


Usually, basic marketing assignments include the following topics:

  1. Secondary and primary data.
  2. Macro & micro economic data analysis.
  3. Marketing mix concept implementation: product, price, place, promotion, process, people, physical evidence, political and social situation.
  4. Market trend analysis: growth, market size and share, competition (SWOT analysis, B/C analysis, channel mapping identities, customer loyalty and satisfaction rankings, brand perception, current competitor-channel relationship analysis).
  5. Market segment, target, forecast and position.
  6. Market strategy formulating. Partnership / collaboration possibility investigating (Profiling and SWOT analysis partners / business partnership evaluation).
  7. Business plan / business model analysis.
  8. Description of business, process, strategy, revenue model, investment return, financial analysis, expansion, company history, cost/benefit analysis, cashflow and projected profit and loss.

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Marketing Assignment Help

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