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Major Assignment Writing Mistakes

Assignment writing can be fun for students who love it but a stumbling block for many who don’t have the Skill. When one wants to perfect a skill, they have to spend hours and hours working on their craft and eventually they will be successful. When one has adequate knowledge of assignment writing which is fun, some mistakes can be avoided that mess up a student that include

Lack of a clear Introduction

 The purpose of the introduction paragraph is to give a paper or an assignment a genesis that acts as a starting point for paper. Introductions serve as the foundation of the work that even a person who has no idea about the article gets a clue.  Most students fail by having an incomplete introduction or sometimes having no Introduction at all.

Incorrect spelling


There is nothing as hated as spelling mistakes which most instructors don’t entertain. This behavior gives the impression that the writer is ignorant and lacks concern with the quality of the work produced. Most people make this obvious mistake and fail to correct hence in return they get poor results.

Changing Tense

 Changing Tense

When writing it’s important to stick to one tense and not change after each and every paragraph. If one decides to choose the use of past tense, it is recommended not to mix past tense with present tense or any other tense. For the sake of correct grammatical papers that have high quality, the use of the mixture of tense should be avoided.

Passive voice

passive voice

When writing sometimes it’s difficult to notice the use of passive voice, it is recommended that an individual should use online programs that detect the use of passive voice in the assignment. The use of passive voice has been a challenge to many students who write assignments that is why intelligent, user-friendly software will do just fine in helping one avoid such mistakes.

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Major Assignment Writing Mistakes



 It’s not wrong to use formal speech or sentences an article or assignment, but sometimes it is recommended to use some creativity while writing. It can be tedious reading an article that seems so official in use and the expression of the writer becomes somehow neglected.