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How to Write the Best College Assignment

College assignments are the integral part of the college’s academic requirements. As such, college students are often required to write assignments in various topics. In this regard, it is important for every student to be conversant with the tips involved in writing such assignments. Assignments help students to broaden their knowledge base in various fields. Similarly, assignments help teachers to evaluate their students on whether or not they have mastered what they have been taught in class. However, it is quite challenging to get a conceptualized guide having simple and clear tips that can help students on how to write their assignments effectively. With this respect, this guide will offer simple and care tips on the manner in which students can write great assignments.


The Most Critical Aspects of Assignments


Before writing any assignment, it is necessary for the students to do thorough preparation on how to write a particular assignment. In this case, it is highly recommended that one should write a comprehensive outline for the assignment before starting to write the assignment itself. Such outline should have the major points that need to be discussed in the assignment. This will help one to be focused on the assignment and hence resulting in clearly defined points. Apart from saving time, an outline of the assignment helps one to organize his or her thoughts and facilitates easier literature searches. Additionally, the outline of the assignment help one to create various sections and approximate the appropriate word count for each section.


Having written the introduction, one should focus on is writing the introduction. It is worth noting that the introduction is what defines the quality of one’s assignment. By reading the introduction, the assignment helps the reader to know in advance what the writer will discuss in the main body. The introduction should have a brief background information, the purpose of the assignment, and a clear and succinct discussion on how the whole assignment is organized. The introduction should be one to two paragraphs long.

Tips on Writing an Assignment

Various practical tips on writing assignments are given below:

Critical thinking – This the necessary characteristic of any academic writing that helps one to write the assignment to the required level and also contributes to the final mark.

Continuity of concepts- One should ensure that there is a continuous flow of ideas between and within paragraphs. By so doing, the assignment will help the reader to follow the logical arguments in the assignment.

Usage of “I” And “you” – Academic writing requires the use of impersonal language and thus one should avoid using “I” and “you”.

Referencing styles – It is important for one to put cite all the sources used within the text and provide a list of all the sources used at the end of the assignment. The referenced assignment help the reader to know which sources the writer has used.

Use of examples – The writer is required to compare and contrast various sources and objectively identify both their weakness and strengths.

Bullets and numbering – Academic writing requires the use of paragraphs rather than bullets and numbering.

Word count – the writer should ensure that the word count is close to the required word count. As aforementioned, the outline will help one to plan of the word count for each section. The word count of the assignment help the one to know whether the number of pages required have been reached.

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Writing an Effective Conclusion

The conclusion of one’s assignment is a platform to give strong arguments identified in the main body. The three major parts of the conclusion are: stating the aim as well as the context of the assignment; providing a brief summary of the major points; and providing a forward-looking statement regarding the future is the situation under discussion.