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How to Write an Essay about Myself

My life (Essay Example)

As a student like most Americans at my age, I study hard in school to achieve my goals. I dream for the feature and am determined to fulfill my dreams. I know a smart mind cannot substitute hard work. How I live my life outside school is one difference I have from most of my peers. I hail from a relatively affluent family with two siblings so they are able to provide for me even when am at home.  During this time, I decided to be interacting with less privileged people as this would give me a chance to help them as I have always wished to do something to uplift their status. This is why I turned to be helping homeless kids. Through this interaction, we are able to share and I learn a lot regarding their situation. This interaction has really changed how I treat less privileged people in the society.


I have always excelled in school something I feel proud of. I also have a passion for music even though speaking or singing in front of large crowds has always been a problem for me. I feel inadequate in developing content and simple and clear methods of addressing the public. For this reason I have decided to take a short course on public speaking to develop my skills.  I have also challenged myself to participate more in such platforms to improve on the skills I wish improved.

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How to Write an Essay about Myself

I am determined that I will improve in my skills as well as in my support program as I interact more with the groups. I am also hopeful that my passion for music can translate to something helpful for the homeless whom we interact with.