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How to Write an Essay about my Father

Introduce the topic and address emotion

When writing an easy about your father the first step is to speak to the emotions of the readers to get them ready for your point view. One can start by saying how no one’s parent is perfect and despite all the flaws, there are some characteristics that make them special. This way the reader is able to reflect on their own fathers as they read along. This stage is very crucial; as it lets the readers understand what the topic is really about. It also elicits emotions relative to those of the reader. It is also at this point that the writer chooses whether to concentrate on the negatives or the positives.

my father essay

 Introduce your father

Assuming the writer in this case has chosen to discuss their relationships with their father in a positive light; the next part involves introducing your father to the reader after speaking to their emotions and getting them ready emotionally. This part does not have to address the emotions again; rather the writer should focus on the factual information about their father. As such they can focus on the aspects of achievements both professionally and socially.

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Essay about My Father

Show the kind of relationships that exists

At this point the reader already has a mental picture of the father however they still need more information about the relationships that you two share. As such, it is at this point the reader mentions all the positive ways that the father influences the way that they relate on a daily basis. It is also good to mention some examples of memorable times that one spent with their father and how it impacted their relationships. It is also at this stage that the writer highlights the aspirations as far as the relationship is concerned.