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How to make and format Coursework Presentation

The type of coursework varies from one department to another. They usually constitute the outline of the concepts to be captured by the students. Various types of coursework would include essays, projects, autobiographical writing, journals, case studies or even scientific and mathematical exercises. Presentation of this coursework involves depicting your ideas in relation to a given topic or concept. Coursework presentation may be done by oral presentation, powerpoint presentation, audio and video tapes or even reports and reviews.

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Presentations are usually done in class or any designated area and is often followed keenly by the lecturers themselves and the students. The students and the lecturers provide a complete evaluation of your presentation and may use this basis to grade your performance. If the presentation is submitted as a piece of coursework, the assessment form, the write-up and the comments by the lecturer should be included.

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As major assessment criteria, the following elements should be made and formatted according to the specified standards:

  1. Content: the content of the coursework should be relevant and applicable sources listed. This will gauge your understanding of the concepts presented in the coursework.
  2. Structure: the structure, the style, the sequence and the comprehension of the presentation should be up-to-date. This would define the format of the presentation, for example, the inclusion of introduction, methodology, timelines and the objectives of the presentation.
  3. Communication: this is the media to transport your understanding or the presentation between you, the lecturer and the fellow students. The communication should be clear and precisely depict your intended view or opinion.
  4. Presentation: the presentation entails the actual delivery of the content. Clarity of speech, use of non-verbal cues, effective powerpoint presentations, mannerisms and the timing are critical in this stage. This would determine your eventual grade.

Perhaps in the development of the content for the presentation, plagiarism should be avoided at all costs as it would infringe on your academic honesty. In the case of essays or written work, they should be presented in the correct format with the specified academic outlines on references and bibliography.