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How to Get Free Assignment Help Online

Essay writing is an art that everyone needs to master at some point in their lives. This is because essays are an inescapable part of almost everyone’s day to day lives. We start writing essays as kids and they stay with us till when one retires. Essays have always been hard work. Fortunately, there are various online tools at any essay writers’ disposal that ease the work. Essay help does not have to be the subcontracting of another person to do the entire essay. It can be something as simple as being pointed in the right direction, being shown the right tools and being guided on the different essay format techniques. This essay does exactly that. It explores the different free online tools at a student’s disposal. It also gives basic tips that every essay writer should live by.

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 The web is every student’s oyster. It is where one can find all the information they ever needed. When one learns how to best utilize the web, the essay writing battle is half won. Here are four of our best online tools that every student should be utilizing.

  • GOOGLE SCHOLAR. Apart from the student’s university libraries, one can get peer reviewed papers from Google scholar. This is a platform that one can get access to a broad range of papers on varying topics. It is reliable as all the papers have been reviewed by professionals in the concerned field. Tools that one should not use in academic research due to the lack of credibility of the information they provide include but are not limited to Google, Wikipedia and You Tube.
  • THESAURUS AND THE ONLINE OXFORD DICTIONARY. If one has spelling and grammatical errors in their essay, it takes away from the overall grade no matter how great the content might be. These errors should therefore be avoided at all costs. If one’s text editor does not have a dictionary or a spellchecker, one should search for one that is available online. One can then check for the meaning of hard words and how they are used in sentences. This will help one write an essay that looks professional. One should also make sure that their work is properly punctuated.
  • CITEFAST. There are many different essay types. Their citations and formats are as different as their various names. Getting a grasp on how to cite the work off book can be both hard and frustrating. That is where citefast comes in. It is a free online tool that helps properly cite and format work in the required essay type format, be it APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago or any other. It is a tool that will eliminate the headache associated with citations and formatting of essays.
  • PLAGIARISM CHECKER. It is important to check that the essay that one has produced is unique. This is done by running it through a plagiarism checker. There are several free plagiarism checkers but one should be careful on the one they settle for. This is because they are some which steal wok from the writers and copyright it. My personal favorite plagiarism checker is Plagscan. It highlights in red any portion of the essay that is not unique and also helps put in citations that might have been forgotten.


Apart from using the aforementioned, free online tools it is important to reread the completed essay. This helps check for any grammatical errors, coherence and mastery of content. One should also make sure that their essay is within the given word limit and time limit. This calls for proper planning and dedication. Here’s to hoping this helps you turn in that stellar essay. Happy writing all you essay writers!