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How to format your essay in Chicago style

How to format your essay in Chicago style

The first page is usually the title page in Chicago Style of essays. The title of the essay is centered, not bold or underlined and it should be about one-third down the page. The name is placed below the title about half way down the page. The course number is two thirds down the page, followed by the instructor’s name, then date.  The format of the date is Month Day, Year. If the title of another author’s work it should be placed in quotation marks or italicized.

How to format your essay in Chicago style Students

The pages are numbered at the right corner of the page. The title page is not numbered, however the page where text begins is numbered page two. Before the page number the last name of the author and a space is inserted. Chicago uses one inch margins, the right margin is not aligned. The entire document should be double spaced, the notes and bibliography are single spaced.  Block quotations, figure captions and table titles are also single spaced. The first line is indented by half an inch, block quotations are indented five inches. The font size is 12 point, preferably in Times New Roman or Palatino. Block quotations should not be put in quotation marks and are usually preceded by an extra line space.

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EssayFormats How to format your essay in Chicago style

The Chicago format uses footnotes for quotes or paraphrases of other works. A bibliography page is included that lists all the work that was cited in the text. Two blank lies are left before marking the first entry after the title ‘Bibliography’. The entries are arranged in alphabetical order according to the first word. The entries will include authors, (editor, compiler or translator) title and publication information.

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