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How to format an essay in MLA

How to format an essay in MLA

The MLA style is commonly used in structuring high school and college levels of presenting scholarly essays. The format is also used in formatting standard academic essays, without regard to the level. It is considered a nice educational method of submitting an essay since it is orderly, simple and shows academic proficiency in writing. The format is usable in standard document formats and is often used on the Microsoft Word platform.

How to format your essay in MLA Student

It is important to first observe the paper layout used in standard issue MLA style. The document should have all margins set to one inch, but this is normally the standard layout in the Microsoft Word platform. The font style should be set to Times New Roman, of 12-point size. The line spacing should be set to double (2.0). Once these layout bounds are set and checked, one is ready to edit the actual text. The header should be inserted next to the page number, and one’s surname acts as a header. Making the title page involves placing one’s full name, their instructor’s name, the course (and class) followed by the date. The order should be followed in that manner, making sure these items are aligned to the left edge.

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How to format your essay in MLA

After this, one is ready to create their essay, by placing the title at the center. The next item to note is acknowledging others’ works (citing). This is done through the help of in-text citations and bibliographies which is known as works cited in this format. The Titles are italicized, followed by the publisher and the year of publication. The in-text citations are made by placing the writer’s name then the page number used in brackets.