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How to Format an Essay in APA

How to Format an Essay in APA

The APA style is used in a wide range of academic disciplines for purposes of submitting papers in several disciplines. This format dictates the presentation of the elements of an essay in terms of properties such as spacing, margins and content structure. The format is commonly used in all levels of academic work presentation. It is preferred due to its quality of simplicity in use and structure. This quality makes it easy for readers to read and understand all the information without requiring much help or assistance from the authors.

How to Format an Essay in APA Students

The style features one-inch margins from all edges of the paper. This is an actual default in most word editors, including Microsoft Word that is among the commonest access platforms for these documents. The font has to be set to Times New Roman, which will be used for all writing in this essay. The font size is point-12, and the spacing between the individual lines should be double (2.0). Up next, one should insert the header, which is different for the first page. All the pages do feature page numbers. The first page should have the words ‘Running Head’ appearing before the header, aligned to the left.

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EssayFormats How to Format an Essay in APA

The title page includes centered list of the label of the essay, the student’s name, the instructor’s name, the course and finally the dates. All these should follow the order outlined, unless specified by the instructor.  One can then create and edit their document as they deem fit. The references page features information from other sources. The sources are listed alphabetically using last name of the author.