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How Students Cheat On Exams and Why Do They Do That

Cheating in exam by the student has greatly increased in the recent past according to recent researches. Cheating is mainly carried out by the high school student, college student as well as the university students.


Students cheat on their tests, homework as well as other assignment that they are given in school by their teachers and lecturers. This article shall focus on various ways that the students use to cheat in exams as well as the reasons as to why they do so.

How students cheat on exams

Joint cheating

This mainly involves strategic positioning of students sits in the exam rooms which allows them to be able to copy from a bright student. The bright student or the one who have prepared well for the exam writes the answer and the others copy from him or her. Semiotic techniques which usually involve the use of signals in the exam room, whereby a particular sign signifies or represent a particular answer. Distraction of the invigilator where by the students colludes with each distract the supervisor so that they can get a chance to copy answers.

Secluded cheating

This mainly involves ways such as, the unsuspecting victim, where by a student gets to copy the work of another student who is not aware that his or her is being copied, Smuggling of written documents, use of body parts such as hands, fingers, laps and arms, writing on the clothes and use of technological gadgets.


Why students cheat on exams

Pressure to excel in their studies from parents and teachers: The students’ performance in school is solely judged on how they perform in their exams. This makes to do everything possible to excel in order to show they are smart.

Peer pressure: Student cheats if they others doing it and getting away with it. Hence they too do it because they know they will also get away with it.

Unpreparedness during exams: The student who have not studied adequately for the exams are most likely to cheat so as to avoid failing.