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Good persuasive speech topics

Persuasive Speech

       Persuasive speech is an art of craftily communicating an opinion in a clear and logical manner, to appeal to the emotion of the audience.  This means that the audience has an option, or a part to play hence the speaker has to be authoritative enough in commanding the audience’s interest, alertness and attentiveness in whatever is spoken. Some of the primary areas to focus on when planning a persuasive speech include the question of fact- something known to be true or false. Likewise also, a persuasive speech may seek to address the question of value- arguing whether something is either right or wrong. Another focus of a persuasive speech can be concerns over policy- arguing whether some actions are worth taking.

Good persuasive speech topics Student

      Although many persuasive speakers consider presentation of their speech as the most important element when persuading, it is paramount to note that the effect of  persuasive speech on the audience is best experienced when the chosen topic not only interests the audience, but also appeals to their hearts. This means that the speaker has to carefully and critically choose a good topic that will both interest and appeal to the audience in order for the speech to have the intended impact on the audience.

How to choose a good persuasive speech topic

  •       A speaker should choose a topic covering an issue that he/she has prior knowledge or personal experience with in order to keep the audience interested. In addition, the more passionate the speaker is with an issue(s) addressed, the more likely he/she is to spark response from the audience.
  •       Attention should be given to fresh and interesting topics. This infers that a good topic should not be something that has been overdone and publicized by the media. For instance, abortion, global warming, sex and violence may not be superb prospective topics.
  •       A clear and specific topic should be ideal as opposed to a too general that might turn out to be overwhelming to explicitly cover.
  •       It is recommended that one settles for a readily researchable topic, and its information substantiated by credible sources.
  •       A good persuasive topic must have passionate supporters and opponents, but most importantly, it has to possess logical reasoning. This implies that the topic has to be debatable and still remain unsolved.

Good persuasive speech topics Student

Examples of Persuasive Speech topics

  1. University degree is necessary for everyone to succeed.
  2. Long-distance learning has negatively impacted higher learning.
  3. Doctors’ aided suicide should be legitimized.
  4. Every student should learn a second language.
  5. Every health professional must be annually tested for HIV.
  6. Juveniles should be exposed to death penalty sentences.
  7. German is a racist society.
  8. The U.S Foreign policy has brought more harm than good to Americans.
  9. Internet technologies have increased windows for more complex crimes.
  10. Drugs can revere the aging process.

      After choosing a topic, the speaker should draft assertive arguments that are in favor of the topic to demonstrate his/her understanding of the topic. In addition, the speaker should also acknowledge counter-arguments. This is important in providing an environment for both the supporters and opponents to carefully deliberate on their views with respect to the speaker’s point of view. Nevertheless, the speaker has to emphasize on backing up his/her topic with unequivocal, logical and credible sources of information so that his/her audience are influenced to agree with him/her.

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Good persuasive speech topics      In conclusion, a persuasive speech is intended to appeal to the audience to consider the issue from the speaker’s perspective. In order to achieve this, the speaker has to be creative in his/her choice of topic and words. A good topic should provide room for debate.

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  1. Free text books in school
  2. Healthcare reporting
  3. Do schools need to allow uncensored songs at school dances?
  4. Should school begin with common prayer in the morning?
  5. Should female students have access to birth control in school?
  6. Do immigration laws need to be reviewed?
  7. Should illegal immigrates be allowed to get drivers licenses?
  8. Does the United States need a universal healthcare program?
  9. Do developed nations owe anything to poor countries?
  10. What obligations to professionals have to their clients?
  11. Should school teach sex education to lower grades?
  12. Should cities provide free Wi-Fi internet for public use?
  13. Should rich people pay more taxes?
  14. Should same sex marriages and unions be recognized by providers?
  15. Does the government have the right to spy on its citizens?
  16. Should there be different classes for each gender?
  17. Should students be allowed cell phone devices in class?
  18. Should text books be replaced in schools?
  19. Should the voting age be lowered?
  20. Should the drinking age be lowers?
  21. Should marijuana be legalized?
  22. Should researchers use aborted babies for stem cell research?
  23. Should doctors be able to aid in patient suicide?
  24. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  25. Should the United States reduce its military presence around the world?
  26. Does military intervention violate international sovereign laws?
  27. Is financial regulation necessary?
  28. What role does the Federal Reserve play in the global financial system?
  29. Should people be allowed to own exotic animals as pets?
  30. Should game hunting be legalized across the country?
  31. Is global warming a manmade problem?
  32. What can be done to reduce the rate animals go extinct?
  33. What role does social media play in the modern world?
  34. Do professional athletes get paid too much?
  35. Should the government bailout organizations that fail?
  36. Do police officers need to wear body cameras?
  37. Should the electoral process be reviewed?
  38. Do elected officials have an obligation to the electorate?
  39. Should term limits for elected officials be reviewed?
  40. Should minority groups be reserved elected positions?
  41. Does the judicial system guarantee justice for all?
  42. Do video games have a negative effect on players?
  43. Should global currencies be regulated?
  44. Is technology moving too fast?
  45. Should tax mitigation be banded?
  46. Should governments censor content on the internet?
  47. Should corporate entities be allowed to advertise in schools?
  48. Food additives and their effect on health
  49. Should people be allowed to get cosmetic surgery whenever they want?
  50. Should athletes that cheat be banned for life?