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Essay topics

Essay topic selection

Understanding how to choose an essay topic is important for the result of whatever essay writing performed. Although it is significant to choose a topic that the student feels is passionate about, sometimes there is no room for such freedom. In most cases, students are expected to write different types of essay topics depending on the instructions that the professors give. However, that does not imply that students cannot select a suitable essay topic when particular instructions are given. The individual must have a passion on the selected essay topic. If a student lacks interest, he will be imprecise, unrewarding and sketchy to the readers. An efficient essay topic must be specific in its scope and details. If a topic is broad, chances are that the student will be vague and lose focus on his work. It is essential to understand the topic and conduct research to gather relevant information about the specified topic. It is important to break down the topic into subcategories and make an outline. This will assist to plan the structure of the essay.

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 There are several types of essay topics. First, writing narrative and descriptive essays require a student to talk about a story that happens to him in a manner that will enable readers gain knowledge and learn the important lesson from the story. A writer needs to describe the events vividly to enable readers grasp the actions taking place of the story described. Secondly, comparison and contrasts essays expect students create similarities and differences between two things. The two things selected have to be in same categories, though are quite different. For example, a student can be asked to compare and contrast between football and basketball. Both are in the same category under sports but are different games. It is appropriate to comply with the instructions that the professor gave. Sometimes, students are asked to make a comparison only whereas they may also be asked to make a contrast. Also, they may be asked to both contrast and compare two things.

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Thirdly, persuasive essays require a student to take a position, either be against or support an issue, and write it to convince the readers to accept his views. The student needs to use reason and logic to justify that his claim is more important than others. The writer aims to persuade readers to accept his views or to take a specific course of action. Fourth, argumentative essay may be similar to persuasive essay because they both take a stand on a position. However, argumentative essay gathers evidence, gives a stronger claim and presents a well-logical justified argument on a controversial issue. Fifth, in analytical essays, the writer is required to explore an issue in order to present an opinion. However, this must be based on the fact. A student has to break down the topic into parts to examine its components and provide evidence either through research or from the text given to support his claim.

 Sixth, division and classification essays are two types of essays used to organize and explain information. Division essay helps to break down complex subjects into smaller groups (categories). For example, pollution can be analyzed by breaking the topic (environmental hazards) down into categories such as by type (radioactive, chemical or biological environmental pollutions) or by source (automobile exhaust, soil erosion and sewage). Classification essay is similar to division essay since it breaks a topic into subtopics. However, classification essay ranks or rates the groups based on a common standard. Burns, for example, are classified into first, second or third degree based on the nature of tissue damage.

Seventh, in definition essay, the writer is expected to define a concept or word in detail by presenting explanation on what a specific topic means. Some concepts have definite meanings like book while other terms are abstract in nature; for example, love, or honesty. The readers will be told what the concept means by the writer presenting basic information about the word. Lastly, cause and effect essays expect a student to examine the situation in which an event or action caused some impacts to happen. The writer then will explain what occurred and why. It is advisable to follow a particular pattern about what happened and explained why the scenario occurred.