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College essay topic ideas

How to Make a Good Paper

Each college student around the world is required to write essays in each of their courses. However, for some students this is not easy since they do not have proper skills to formulate good topics. One of the important things that each student must know is the purpose for writing a paper. Once the student understands the purpose for his or her paper it becomes easy to formulate a suitable  topic.

College essay topic ideas Students

 Essay topics should be short and clear. A good topic should be specific to the major theme in the term paper. For instance, if a student needs to talk about “Technology,” the student should narrow down to a specific topic like “Technology in classrooms” This means that topics prepare reader’s minds for what they expect in the essays. Essay topics can be in the form of statements or questions. It can also be a single word. For instance, a student can write about “Technology,” at the same time another paper topic can be a question about technology “Is technology effective in education?” Another topic can be a thesis statement that is based on facts or specific examples. For example, “How technology has improved education standards” It is also important for college students to ask themselves some few questions about their topics and formulate new and interesting ideas about the same topic. Each paper must meet each level of study and the area of expertise. Therefore, before writing any essay one must do a thorough research in the area of study and related topics to ensure that one has enough content for the essay. One should also come up with sources for their essays to ensure that all their work is properly referenced to avoid plagiarism.

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EssayFormats College essay topic ideas

After understanding the purpose of writing an essay and the target audience, the next step is to ensure that your paper has a good structure. Each essay should have a good introduction that makes the reader understand what the whole paper is all about. The writer should also connect this introduction with the main points. In the body, students should ensure that their language is well understood, punctuated and free flowing. Each paragraph should at least carry a new point of discussion. In addition, paragraphs should not be lengthy and should contain short and well-structured sentences.  An interesting essay should end with a good conclusion which summarizes ideas. The conclusion should also give the reader a chance to reflect the main points.

Check 50 Great Essay Topics for Your Assignment

  1. Significance of safety harnesses.
  2. What should be done to address the glut of paper products?
  3. Is Juvenile sentence is right?
  4. Why are pension plans going broke?
  5. What are the dangers of asbestos removal?
  6. What are the health issues associated with meat consumption?
  7. What are the advantages of zoning?
  8. Should women be given special privileges at the work place?
  9.  What are the dangers of steroid use?
  10. Should health insurance be mandatory?
  11. Does the media have too much freedom?
  12. What role does the media play in the modern world?
  13. What are the effects of teenage pregnancies?
  14. Should content be regulated?
  15. Does the government have moral obligation to the public?
  16. What role does the government play on issues on currency?
  17. What is the importance of financial education in the modern world?
  18. Is the cost of high education too high?
  19. Should drug tests be mandatory in high schools?
  20. Should private space travel be encouraged?
  21. What are the dangers of steroid use?
  22. Is the use of surveillance equipment in public spaced a violation of the public privacy?
  23. Do terrorists have rights?
  24. Is the death penalty effective?
  25. What role does the judiciary play in the fight against terrorism?
  26. Should countries go to war with countries believed to harbor and finance terror activities?
  27. Do individual votes matter?
  28. Should the public be able to hold elected officials accountable for their oprivate actions?
  29. What moral obligations to politicians have to the electorate?
  30. Should gambling be legalized?
  31. Should the tax system be reviewed?
  32. Is technology the next battle frontier?
  33. What needs to be done to avoid another global financial crisis?
  34. Are racial tensions responsible for the rise in crime rate?
  35. Universal healthcare, a dream or reality?
  36. Should persons under the legal drinking age, 21, be allowed to go unpunished when they break the law?
  37. Should the mentally handicapped by imprisoned in mental hospitals when found guilty of crimes?
  38. Should mental patients be allowed to check themselves out of hospitals after treatment?
  39. Should abortion be legalized?
  40. Should the government provide abortion services for those in need?
  41. Do advertisers need strict regulations and penalties for false advertising?
  42. What are the health effects of genetically modified foods?
  43. How should juvenile offenders be dealt with?
  44. Should violent video games be outlawed?
  45. Should the minimum wage be raised?
  46. Are senior executives in the corporate world paid too much?
  47. What responsibilities do chief executives have during economic crisis?
  48. Do media outlets have an obligation to provide the public with factual information?
  49. What role does the media play in the bias and racial debate?
  50. Should recycling be made mandatory?