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College Essay Format

Essay is a usual task in everyday educational life. Wherever you study either in school or college, one day you will be assigned to write an essay and the type of educational institution determines the requirements which you should follow while writing your paper.


Besides content, you should know its basic format structure. As regards to college essay format, it shows student’s skill to in theoretical and professional training, well application of knowledge achieved in the course of studying. Of course you are encouraged to be creative while you start preparing your essay, but still don’t forget about formatting. If you present improper format structure, it will result in you grades. So make sure that your paper look perfect and if you are not aware of how to format college essay, look next guidelines which will help you to submit good college essay. There are several aspects of college level work, given across the curriculum. All this information you may find below.


Several Tips to Essay Formatting

Certain requirements are usually applied to college essays. Your task is to follow strictly these directions in order to make ideal formatting for your essay. What does proper format mean? It is the matter of font size, spacing and other computer word settings. Your essay should meet the requirements of your college or other educational institution. Focus on next tips and check whether you have right format.

1)      Use ordinary white A4 paper and its size refers to 8 ½ by 11 inches.  Buy it beforehand and don’t use leftover mauve stock, resume paper or nay other size. Forget about folders, binders or plastic covers. Just staple the pages or fasten with a paper clip on the top left hand corner.

2)      Set font Times New Roman, size 10 or 12 and check if it is black. It is not welcomed to use larger fonts or other letter styles.  Double space the whole text and set the printer for black ink.

3)      Put one inch margins on top, bottom, left and right side of the paper. Paragraphs have to be indented with 5 spaces or you may just press button TAB. Be sure that you have one empty line above or below your charts or other visual components.

4)      Pages should be numbered in the top right-hand corner.

5)      Check the format of direct quotations and use quotation marks and parenthetical citation. According to style, it can be just author’s last name and page number or last name and year of publication. Be confident to mention all sources that you have used in your work.  In case if there is a requirement for footnotes, you may simply use computer option to format them and this will save your time.

6)      Short quotations are contained within the text of the paper, while longer citations are centered in a block from and have indentation of 10 spaces as a separate sentence.

7)      Be sure that you “works cited” section and this is necessary when you make use of outside sources. Your task is to include all bibliographic listing or books materials that you have referred to.

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College Essay Format

Other Essay Format Features

Apart from the mentioned above special requirements, there is still the scope of other peculiarities that appear necessary when you prepare your college paper.

1)      When you start formatting your essay, be confident that it should start with the title page. This section usually contains author’s and instructor’s name, course title, topic of the essay, name of the institution and the date. You may type this information at the first page along with the text or create a separate one.  Choose the variant that suits or more or is specified by your teacher.

2)      Next task is to create table of contents with precise title of each paper part and initial pages indications.

3)      Essay format and style is clearly simple. The style of writing is generally the impersonal monologue and you should use second-person plural. If you have some obscure terms, explain them in brackets or footnotes.  Don’t be personal while writing essay.  Never use “I” and such phrases like “I think”, “To my mind” and so on.  Be diligent to change them into these general authorial statements like “It seems”, ‘In our opinion” etc.  Correct format will show your general skills and level of education.

4)      Follow basic college essay structure. Usually it includes the following elements like title page, table of contents, introduction, body and conclusion and of course list of books quoted in the text. Put each structural part on a new page. And don’t use extra space between the chapter and the text.

5)      As regards to structure, your introduction should include thesis statement and explain what goals you want to achieve. It should be presented in a form of a paragraph or several parts united by title “Introduction”.  Main body should be presented with proper heading. At the end of your work, there is a conclusion that summarize your content and it have to consist of 2-3 paragraphs.

So make a proper formatting for your college essay and create a comfort for reader when it is time to reader your paper.