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College application Essay

A College application essay refers to a piece of writing that establishes particular reasons as to why someone wishes to join a certain college or other institution of higher learning. As such, it explains how the applicant or prospective student will stand to benefit from joining the college in addition to persuading by appeal to the school’s administration for enrollment. This is normally achieved by making use of specific strengths and qualities of the applicant that can contribute to the overall augmenting of the institution.

College application Essay

College application essays form a special category of essays that employ elements of style and format. Since they form a crucial factor contributing to getting admission into college, prospective students ought to engage superior writing skills in a unique and eminent sense.

College application essay format Student

College application essay format’ should involve introducing the prospective student and the chosen course of study with purpose in mind. It must then indicate specific and reasonable support for this via an argumentative approach before summarizing the paper by reaffirming the stated purpose and or intention per se.

Applicants must elaborate on the uniqueness of their personality and preferences. They must further outline how this relates to the desired course for study and future goals and objectives. As such, it is important to state one’s personal predilection at the beginning of the essay. In addition to conforming to correct format, College application essays should be counter-checked for any mistakes and or errors, especially in relation to grammar. The College application essay should be brief and pithy albeit giving focus to how the institution stands to enable the applicant to achieve his or her goals and objectives.

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College application essay format

Within the essay, applicants should note the subjects they have studied in high school as well as activities they have engaged in, both in and out of school. The essay ought to be written in formal but simple language. Furthermore, the essay is better off written ‘active’ voice and in the first person, as this would give it a personalized sense.

College Application Essay Sample