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College Admission Essay Format

College admission essay format makes the design of the essay appear professional and impressive. In order to realize this impressive and professional appearance, there are some guidelines set by academic authorities in formatting the essay. The guidelines must be followed since they will be assessed as part of the essay.

College Admission Essay Format Students

Formatting the admission essay

Formatting the admission essay commences with a good header. The college admission essay will need a title page. On separate lines, the title page has to contain the writer’s name that should be double-spaced and centered. The course and instructors name should be left out since it is not a classwork presentation. It is not necessary to start the admission essay with an outline, but if you commence the paper with an outline, it should be on the center and one inch from the page top. The outline should also be double spaced. It should be noted that the plan should appear in a short sentence form. It should be a frame of the admission essay.

If MLA format is used, all the pages should be numbered. The pages should be numbered after the first page at the right hand upper corner. The plan pages should be numbered with small roman numerals. Begin the writing one inch starting at the top page and leave one inch from the sides and bottom of the paper.

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College Admission Essay Format

Observe the word limit normally given. One should not go beyond the word limit even if the text to be written is very important. The world limit should guide the writer so that all the essential information is highlighted. Words beyond the limit will be ignored and discarded.

Use a clear font if the formatting style is not given. Use News Times Roman with a twelve point font. Just like other papers, the essay should have an introduction, body and a conclusion.

College Admission Essay Format Sample