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Writing Tips from Famous Authors

Every kind of book on writing will always be different, whether written by Stephen king or even Elmore Leonard.  The more a writer writes, the more they would want to write. But according to Thomas Carlyle, continued writing is the death of thought. There is a need to take breaks in between.

Good management of Ideas

Writing Tips from Famous Authors

Accumulation of ideas do not do any good, the writer should know how to manage the ideas instead of just writing them out and publishing them. It is essential to take one idea at a time, write it and move to the next. Henry Miller stated that writing is an expedition of discovery, the best the ideas are organized the best the writing will be. Rebecca West writes books in order to find out new things. Writing should be a source of inspiration for the writer and anyone else. The write should at all times write about what interests them.

Uniqueness in Writing


Antony Hawkins explains that unless an individual is a genius, it is good to aspire to be understandable and clear in any writing. Even if the writer wants to write about something not familiar with, they should try to be intelligible. It is a good way to sharpen the writing skills and learn more when writing about a topic that is not familiar. The writer should at all times help the readers understand. Mickey Spillane states that humor in writing is unique as many of the readers enjoy laughing as they read. They will tend to read something funny more than once as opposed to something that will make them angry, manipulative or guilt-inducing.

Considering the Targeted Readers

Man Reading Book and Sitting on Bookshelf in Library

The content may be for public service or designed to earn money. If the goal is to sell the ideas, the writer has to write for that objective. Avoid patronizing the readers. The writer should not try to put themselves above the readers as this creates a barrier between the writer and the reader. The end of a good writing determines the beginning. It will influence how the start of the writing should always be.

How to Write Up an Interview? How to find Better Questions?

Preparation for the interview

To ask good questions in an interview, a thorough preparation is key. The preparation stage of the interview includes researching the topic of the interview, the subject of the interview and the personal traits in the subject that might influence the nature of the questions. For example, the perception of propriety varies from person to person. Such perception is important because they set the tone for an interview.

How to Write Up an Interview Student

Set the questions to cover the objectives of the interview

In the interviewing phase, it is important to let the interview take the form of a natural conversation. Semblance of a conversation as opposed to a structured interview is important because it relaxes the interviewing environment and gives the interviewee the impression that they have control over the direction of the interview. However, it is important to have question that addresses the objectives for reference. These questions are merely a guide and not a structure for the interview because rigidity is often a barrier.

Ask short questions and follow up

Open ended interview, ones that require a yes or no response, are not appropriate where an interviewer is looking for academic information. The best mode of questioning has to be leading question that leads to further questions and thus cover the objectives comprehensively. For example, having a question that leads to further questions is the best approach. In addition, the interviewer needs to abandon all knowledge in the field and let the subject take the role of informant. That way, the interview avoids any assumptions that may skew the derived information.

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How to Write Up an Interview

Take Notes and record

Taking notes during the interview may disrupt the flow of conversation. Therefore, the best way to capture the interview is recording and taking notes later. However, it is important to ask the interviewee for permission before recording and to be prepared to sign confidentiality agreements where necessary. After the interview, it is important to write notes of the important material that cannot be captured by the recorder.

Write the interview write-up

A write-up is a function of the material gathered from the interview. It should contain the relevance of the material and capture important points raised by the interviewee. It is derived from notes after the interview and the recording. A good write-up has a good flow and contains elements of personal opinions by the interviewer.

Ten Most Popular Clubs in Colleges

What are College Clubs?

College clubs essentially depict student groups. These groups are designed and exist to meet the specific interest of students. It could be sports, drama, or any other sphere of interest. Joining a college club is the best way to discover new friends, enhance academic life, and explore career opportunities. The following are the ten most popular college clubs.

Student Government

If you are interested in politics, then you should join student government clubs. These clubs essentially provide the opportunity to gather priceless leadership experience.

Sports Clubs

Sports clubs provide an excellent way of relieving stress from academia, and allow the individual an opportunity to bond with his or her peers. Examples of sports clubs include, but are not limited to; boxing, athletics, lacrosse, cheerleading, quidditch.

sport clubs

Academic Clubs

These clubs inspire one to aspire to greater levels of academic achievement, aside from boosting ones resume and preparing them for career life after school.

academic club

Art Clubs

Examples of art clubs include dance, music, and poetry. These clubs allow the student to explore and express their creative self, and provide an excellent way to sooth stress.

art club

Multicultural Clubs

Whether you are Latino, Afro-American, Asian, or whatever ethnicity, multicultural clubs have a place for you. Students learn about other cultures and gain new perspectives on life.


Environmental Clubs

Environmental clubs provide the student with an opportunity to positively impact the environment in line with UN standards and programs.


Gender and Sexuality Clubs

Tired of feeling left out because you are either gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender? Joining LGBT clubs will alleviate your suffering and allow you to discover new friends.

Philanthropic Clubs

If giving is part of your anatomy, then joining a philanthropy club allows you to achieve this. An example includes the relay for life clubs that helps raise funds for cancer research and awareness.

Philanthropic Clubs

Religious and Spiritual Clubs

Religion and spirituality can provide a shoulder to lean on when times get tough at school. Joining such club helps students steer away from peer pressure and other college vices.

Special Interest Clubs

For those students who have queer lifestyles, joining a special interest club is the best way to belong. If your interest is not represented, you may as well form your own club. Examples of such clubs include; people watching and happiness clubs.

What are the Top 10 Colleges in the world and why?

Currently, United States still dominates in the top colleges in the world. American universities especially Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Chicago, and California Institute of Technology (Caltech) are considered among the finest colleges in the world. By ranking, the top ten colleges in the world are such as:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – United States,
  2. Harvard University – United States,
  3. University of Cambridge – United Kingdom,
  4. UCL (University College London) – United Kingdom,
  5. Imperial College London – United Kingdom,
  6. University of Oxford – United Kingdom,
  7. Stanford University – United States,
  8. Yale University  – United States,
  9. University of Chicago – United States, and
  10. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) – United States.

MIT students

These are the top ten colleges in the world, which produce of the world’s most powerful scholars and personalities. American colleges capture six of the top ten best colleges. These are the leading institutions with the most cited research, greatest reputations, more money, top students and all-star facilities. The research method used to rank the top colleges was based international student score, faculty student score, academic reputation scores, research citation per faculty score, employer reputation score, and international faculty score. Such score assessments of these top ten colleges range between 100% – 96% of their respective positions. Methodological survey conducted to collect data concerning the world’s top 800 higher learning institutions was based on various sources as well as global data of peer-reviewed research sources including survey response from about 28,000 employers and more than 62,000 academics.

University of Chicago

Research method used the six criteria which are of interest of potential students. This ranking is focused on students considering study overseas and is aimed to act a source of data comparison outside several national ranking.

Three Graduation Ideas

Three Graduation Ideas that I Had not thought of

Many people have grand ideas about the direction they want to go after they graduate. While these ideas form part of ambition, and sometimes motivate college attendance, they are sometimes too optimistic. Therefore, after the college experiences and approaching graduation, one often develops ideas of what they want to do and how they want their lives to proceed after graduation.

Three Graduation Ideas

Reducing the number of friends I have is one among the first things that will follow graduation. It is not because the friends are bad people or a bad influence; it is just that I anticipate being too busy to keep track of many friends. In addition, different career paths are likely to take most of them to faraway places. Therefore, the big circle of friends is likely to shrink with time.

I did not deem the idea of a college course changing my worldview. However, I have improved the idea of what direction my life will take after the course. The key element in the thought is in the acceptance of practical element of life as opposed to the idealistic way of thinking I had before joining college. For example, I have accepted that I do not have to follow a career path dictated by my course because it may not be practical. Though that remains to be my ambition, I have to be prepared to work elsewhere.

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In college and before joining college, there has always been the idea of making money and using it to have a good time. However, college has led to the realization that despite the likelihood of financial independence, I am going to have to reduce my entertainment expenditure and the number of nights I go out.

All the ideas essentially communicate the aspect of maturity. These aspects are unexpected before entrance to college. However, the approaching graduation has forced me to rethink many aspects of life and realize that I have to take care of all aspects of life responsibly, especially now that I anticipate total independence.

Top 5 reasons why students cheat

Top 5 reasons why students cheat

Whether through traditional classroom or online system, higher education, secondary or elementary, students cheat. Rather than searching how to catch them, understanding why students cheat may assist to control the endemic. There are top five reasons why student cheat.

Cheating 1

First, students cheat when the emphasis is put on grades rather than on learning. When students feel that emphasis is placed is on how to master topics rather than performance on exams, they will look how to master the topics and their concepts. However, when the emphasis is placed on grades, students are more attempted to cheat. Environment encouraging assessments on grades highly expose students to cheat in their exams. For example, assessments that encourage false or true questions, filling in the blank spaces questions, and multiple-choice questions on exams, place students at higher risk of involving in cheating. It is important not to focus major on grades, but to promote students to learn through assessing them with essay questions, portfolios or short response questions, creativity, positive interactions and relationships.

Secondly, when student lack confidence with their capability, they are more likely to cheat. In certain cases; students feel that they cannot perform well on exams. This implies that they are not smart to do the tests well, or they lack adequate skills they require. It develops a perception that they will fail, and the only alternative to performing well is to involve in cheating.

Cheating 2

Thirdly, when students are pressured to perform well in exams, they will look for ways to cheat. Teachers and parents may compel students to achieve higher grades and expect them to obtain admission into the best colleges. High stress and pressure often put students at risk of cheating so that to fulfill high expectations.

 Fourth, when students feel that they are the important part of the school community, they value and appreciate the school community. Despite how they are performing in their classes, students will instill integrity and honesty since they value the learning community.

Lastly, students, who perceive that their teachers are concerned and care about them, are less likely to involve in cheating. It is about students’ perception. If students perceive that their teachers do not care, they are more likely to cheat. Therefore, the most vital thing is to develop positive learning environment and developing mutual relationship with students in order to understand how to help and meet the needs of students.

College Essay Format

College Essay Format

The college essay is an essay that individuals looking to secure places in colleges write. In as much as the students’ grades play a vital part in the selection process that a university employs in recruiting new students, the essay is equally important. Some experts even o further as to argue that the college essay is the most important part of the application process. This is perhaps because the essay provides the student with the opportunity to explain their beliefs or viewpoints concerning whatever prompt they are given. In this way, the reviewers of the thousands of applications submitted to colleges get a glimpse of who the applicant really is. In this way, the applicant is able to add a touch of their personality to the application process.

College Essay Format Student

To write a good essay, it is important that the applicant follow a set of steps that are designed to produce a quality essay that meets the criteria the college is looking for in an applicant. The first and arguably the most important step is understanding the different prompts. Reading the prompts twice or thrice, and taking some time to internalize what each prompt demands is essential to writing a successful essay. Only by understanding the topic clearly can the applicant write a great essay.

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College Essay Format

Secondly, brainstorming is very important, as well. Since the application essay is designed to help the reviewers understand the opinions and ideologies of the applicant, writing about a personal experience will help convey this in the essay. Next, developing a outline of the essay helps to prevent the writer from digressing and losing the reader. In this sense, the writer is able to remain focused and on the topic, allowing coherence and flow, making reading the essay easier.

Once the essay has been written, it is necessary that the writer take a break before beginning the proofreading process. Taking one or two hours break before proofreading the essay will help the writer to eliminate any mistakes in grammar, punctuation and flow. Lastly, tying up loose ends such as filling out all the required information ensures the submission of a complete and outstanding essay. The college essay is formatted in MLA citation style to ensure conformity in all applicants.


College Essay Format Sample

Argumentative Essay

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay refers to a genre of writing that allows an individual to gather information about a given topic, and take a clear stand concerning the issue. The intention of an argumentative essay is to give your opinions to a given group of people concerning a given topic.


Features of an Argumentative Essay

It should be persuasive in nature. The write decides to oppose or propose for a given issue by presenting their argument in terms of pros and cons. It portrays both the opinions of the writer as well as opposing the opinions of the other side.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

To write an argumentative essay, the writer should first of all choose a topic that gives them a platform to argue. The writer then gathers information about the topic. In writing, the writer provides a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph. The writer then writes the essay using logical and clear transitions between the paragraphs.


Possible Difficulties in Writing Argumentative Essay

Possible difficulties in writing an argumentative essay is the use of a poor or emotional language. Most people tend to air their emotions rather than having a logical argument. It also requires an individual to make a firm stand, hence requires a lot of preparation and research.

Argumentative Essay Format

The introduction gives an overview of the issue and also states the thesis. The body of the essay should provide the evidence concerning the topic, based on facts. They then address the opposition’s argument and try to refute their claims. It is then concluded by restating the thesis and providing a summary of the evidence provided in the essay.

Example of an Argumentative Essay


My family essay

An essay about the family

Families are unique units that make up a society. An essay about the family is a good way to understand and appreciate the factors that make a family unique. An essay about the family is, however a tricky assignment. It is crucial that the writer arranges his facts in order to give an informative presentation of the family unit.


Family essay structure

The family essay should have three vital components. The opening is the prologue which introduces the audience to the family members. The subsequent part is the body, the body gives more information about each family member. Each body paragraph talks about one or two members of the family. The closing part is the conclusion, this part captures the information presented in the body paragraphs. The conclusion is a good way to provide closing remarks to the essay.

Use Interesting facts

It is vital to evaluate the facts to be presented in a family essay. Some of the facts may be personal and would hurt the family member if exposed to an audience. It is telling the family members the fact a writer wishes to present to a general audience. Approval from the family members is respectful while writing a family essay.

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EssayFormats My family essay

It is obligatory to ensure that the essay captures the unique facts about the family. Capturing unique facts, ensures that the essay has a personal touch. It is essential to ensure that the essay has a flow of thoughts. The essay should have a flow to assist the audience to follow during the presentation. The writer should avoid repetition as it causes confusion and boredom. The writer should ensure that the facts presented are convincing. The audience should be able to believe the information presented in the essay. The family essay is a good way to reflect on one’s family and appreciate being part of a vital unit in the society.

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