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Best Assignment Topics for Economics

An assignment paper is a specified task given by an instructor to a student. An assignment paper is meant to analyze a topic or issue. It seeks to present your academic understanding of a particular topic or issue.  In this context, it mainly refers to the tasks given to a secondary or tertiary level students.

Assignment papers are part of the assessment done to determine the competence of students and what one has understood so far in their studies.  Students require a basic knowledge of things needed in writing an excellent assignment paper for them to score better grades. Alternatively, if you are not in the whole “I want to know thing” and you require assignment help you do not have to worry. You can simply have your assignment done by assignment writers. There are million professional writers available if you need help with assignment paper. All you have to do is contact assignment writing companies which are pretty.


First thing first, a student or an assignment writer needs to understand the basic things concerning assignment papers because you will be getting a great deal of them all through your studies or writing career. The first step is to understand the structure or format of an assignment paper because this will help you capture everything.   The structure acts like a map, the guideline that you must follow if you want to score that A, this means that you stick to it no matter what. You can work it out like this:

•    Have an introduction; this is the overall orientation of what you are about to work on rather the topic. The introduction includes the background, context, outline and thesis all wrapped in an introductory paragraph(s).

Tips: To show the instructor you are on track you can use some of the words in the question as part of your introduction. You need to describe the issue in deep. This is the time to prepare a clear outline of your ideas which acts as the secret to an excellent assignment paper.

•    The body or if you like your argument. It is the part where most people get stuck or mess up so badly when they are done writing you understand what’s in their head. The body captures the content of your whole assignment paper. Therefore, you must be careful to guide the reader through a detailed argument. Logically construct your argument supporting it with evidence in such a way that it will excellently present your case. Tips: While doing all this don’t deviate from the topic, link every paragraph with the previous and next paragraph. Ensure you comprehensively work on the thesis statements that are in your introduction.

•    The conclusion. This is the summary of all the great ideas you have been pouring out in the body. Citing the major points of your arguments so that the instructor doesn’t forget. Tips: Don’t bring up any new information in your conclusion, therefore no references in this part. The conclusion also contains the recommendations and the resolutions. Ensure there is a fortification of your thesis in your conclusion.

These are some of the assignment topic examples:

  1. Is economics a science? Discuss.
  2. Examine the tradeoffs we face today.
  3. Highlight the comparative benefits of Trade
  4. Discuss the economic impacts of 2008 financial crisis
  5. Discuss the application of elasticity
  6. Examine various ways of measuring economic development
  7. Examine how the government influences economic outcomes
  8. Analyze the cost of printing too much money
  9. Examine factors leading to unemployment and their solution
  10. Discuss how money laundry affects our economy
  11. How will local government cuts in spending affect local businesses?
  12. Discus how the Dubai Trade Exhibition affects the economy of Unites Arap Emirates?
  13. Discuss the ethics of managerial economics.
  14. Discuss the principles of Economics.
  15. Analyze how markets are the best way to organize economic activity.
  16. How does the government improve the market outcome?
  17. What are some of your views on government policy and principles of economics?
  18. Discuss some of the contributors of market failures.
  19. Discuss how a country’s ability to produce goods and services determines the standards of living.
  20. How does monopoly influence business growth?
  21. Discuss some of the concepts of demand and supply regarding the 2016 Olympic Games.

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Assignment Topics for English Literature

What is an Assignment paper in English literature?

Assignment papers are also known as take-home writing exercises or research. In our high school or college experience, these are usually given as a take home research, for us to be able to do a more extensive, structured, and well-read output than a paper that we can produce inside a classroom. Assignments papers are also a way for our teachers to gauge how we apply the things that we learn inside a classroom to our daily lives. Most of the times these assignment papers are written in a serious tone with careful consideration of structure, evidence, and critical thinking. Also, they are usually given by the instructor with a particular set of rules and guidelines that should be met by the assignment writers when writing the literary piece. One particular type of Assignment paper is one focused on English Literature. These articles are aimed at squeezing deeper insights from the students about a particular literary work (E.g., Classic novels, newspapers, journals, etc.).

Assignment Topics for English Literature

Below are some tips about writing, and sample topics that can help you with your assignment papers:

 What is the structure of an Assignment paper?

Assignment papers should always start with a strong title. Unlike other types of articles, these kinds should capture the essence and goal of the piece itself even with the least effort of reading of the following sections. As an example, if you’re trying to write a comparative analysis of Hemingway’s writing style with Hugo’s, then the title should make that apparent. After establishing a strong title, you have to start with the Introduction. This part is where you should lay out the objectives of the essay, the specific literary text that you will work on, and any particular approach that you’ll be using in the succeeding chapters. The primary purpose of the introduction is to give the readers an overview of what to expect next. Remember that assignment papers are usually provided by instructors with a particular set of instructions that they want to see in the output. By having a good introductory part, your instructor should ba able to know immediately if you understood his/her directions. After laying out the overview of the text, you should then proceed with the body. The body is the part where you dwell deeply into the discussion. For example, if you are working on specifying the allusions that you found in the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, then you should discuss more thoroughly what specifics suggestions can you see in the text. After discussing this, never forget to provide additional factual evidence from secondary sources. Lastly, the Conclusion. So, you’ve already laid out all your ideas and the facts behind it, next, comes the Conclusion. Just like any other literary pieces the Conclusion is paramount to synthesize the whole article and make your point one last time. You should also ensure that this part covers every factual ideas and evidence that you wrote on your assignment essay.

Important tips to remember in writing an assignment paper

Now that we’ve laid out some advice about its structure, here are some important things that you should remember when writing an assignment essay.

Assignment Essays in English Literature are usually given merit by the school given that the instructions are followed and that the thoughts of the student are fully conceptualized and supported by evidence. Thus, it is crucial to read the instructions carefully. By knowing what the essay is about you can narrow down the list of topics where you can choose from. Another important tip is that you should always be critical of your way of thinking. Remember that these essays are not meant to photocopy a literary piece but are intended to provide an analysis of them. Lastly, you should look gather as much factual evidence on the subject matter. These essays are mainly objective in nature, thus, basing it on intuitions, opinions, and guesses would surely merit you a Zero in your final grade.

Below are some topic examples to help with writing assignment papers:

  1. Gender roles in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
  2. Comparative analysis between Macbeth and Hamlet
  3. Underlying political theme in The Scarlet Letter
  4. Historical background of Harper Lee’s – To Kill a Mockingbird
  5. Character comparison between Edmond Dantès and Van Helsing
  6. Symbolisms underlying the novel Gone with the Wind
  7. Comparison of the writing styles of Herman Melville and Ernest Hemingway
  8. Similarities between F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Great Gatsby
  9. Sexist notions in Alcott’s Little Women
  10. Allusions in the novel Jane Eyre
  11. Background analysis of Alighieri’s Divine Comedy
  12. Social Inequalities addressed in the novel Pride and Prejudice
  13. Religious beliefs portrayed in Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
  14. Critique of the Popular book Harry Potter
  15. Book review of the classic novel Treasure Island
  16. Hidden Symbolisms in Tolkien’s The Hobbit
  17. Criticism of Victor Hugo’s Le Misèrables
  18. Origins of Popular Nursery Rhymes
  19. Comparison of Classical books with Contemporary ones
  20. Politics behind Dan Brown’s Inferno

These topic examples are just some of the things that you can work on. Remember that you should pick what interest you the most while staying with the instructions given. For starters, perhaps, you can start with your favorite novel and work on it as you should.


Best Assignment Topics for Environmental Science

What is an Assignment paper in Environmental Sciences?

Assignment papers in Environmental Sciences are usually devoted to studying the effects of man-made infrastructures, phenomena, or events with their surroundings. These essays tackle every aspect of this interaction ranging from the potential benefits, threats, and mitigation efforts dedicated to preventing the degradation of the Environment. The general topics that are usually included in this type of essays are LCA (life cycle assessment), EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), and SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment). The first one, Life Cycle Assessment, discusses the life cycle of particular flora and fauna and situates them with the environmental effects of man (Environmental Impact Assessment). Environmental essays are also devoted towards looking for alternative mitigation efforts against the destructive habits and produces of humans.

Environmental Science

 What is the structure of an Assignment paper?

These types of articles usually require the assignment writers to do thorough research about the strategies to lessen, if not, prevent the harmful environmental impacts of man to their surroundings. Thus, these essays are usually strict and scientific in nature. For most of the time, they start with the Introduction that lays out the logical course of your argument. The Introduction should put out the problems that you’re trying to solve, the course of the discussion, and the overview of the strategies that you’re proposing to minimize these dangers to our environment. Next, comes your body, this is the part where you should provide a point by point argument of what should be done. Factual evidence is crucial here just like any other scientific papers. The most important thing about the body is that careful consideration should be given to the structure and validity of your claims. If possible, it’s better to add additional graphs and charts that would increase its credibility. As an example, if you’re working on the decline of habitats for the Clownfish, then you should show related charts that would bolster you claim. Otherwise, it will just be considered as a folly. Then comes the Conclusion, this is the part where you provide an actual synthesis of the data and evidence that you gathered and the ideas that you put forward.

What is important in writing an Assignment paper in the Environmental Sciences?

Articles written for the environmental sciences are hardly scientific as compared to those written in the field of English literature or Social Sciences for example. Thus, it is imperative that your sources should be credible. For this, it is better to use peer-reviewed journals available on the web or even your local library. Just be sure to cite them appropriately since most of the times the facts that you provide are carefully cross-referenced and checked by those who would also be using your paper as a source. Regarding the structure, it is important to emphasize the need for a strong but smooth flowing argument based on your ideas and that data you gathered. Hard Sciences are usually much boring for the laymen as compared to other topics. Thus, if you want to pique your reader’s interests, then it is critical that you provide them with a smooth flow of the argument.

Now, even before you worry about the structure, you should first worry about the topics that you’ll be working on. Below, we provided some topic examples as help with assignment papers that you have:

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment of GMO Production
  2. Strategies that are beneficial for the reduction of CFC Production
  3. Air Pollution in Third World Countries
  4. Noise Pollution and its effects on the Wildlife
  5. Degradation of Aquatic Habitats in the North Pacific
  6. Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle
  7. Why is the use of PET Bottles harmful for you
  8. Damage of the Ozone and potential threats
  9. Climate change and its effects on the efficiency of food production
  10. Mitigation Strategies in First World Countries to Combat Water Pollution
  11. Effects of CFCs in the depletion of the Ozone layer
  12. Restructuration of the Ozone layer and its benefits
  13. Importance of recycling your stuff
  14. GMOs and the future of food production
  15. Population growth and the decline in Environmental Sustainability
  16. New Technologies in Fuel production
  17. The Earth’s carrying capacity and Population growth
  18. The Lifecycle of Fossil fuels
  19. Strategic Environmental Assessment of Urbanizing Regions
  20. Life Cycle Assessment of a Glass bottle

These are just simple examples. If you want to, you can start with something near your local, like the recycling strategies in your neighborhood. This is a good point because id writing an assignment paper in environmental sciences, writing about issues that directly affect you is a good start.

How to Get Free Assignment Help Online

Essay writing is an art that everyone needs to master at some point in their lives. This is because essays are an inescapable part of almost everyone’s day to day lives. We start writing essays as kids and they stay with us till when one retires. Essays have always been hard work. Fortunately, there are various online tools at any essay writers’ disposal that ease the work. Essay help does not have to be the subcontracting of another person to do the entire essay. It can be something as simple as being pointed in the right direction, being shown the right tools and being guided on the different essay format techniques. This essay does exactly that. It explores the different free online tools at a student’s disposal. It also gives basic tips that every essay writer should live by.

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Accounting Assignment Help

When it comes to acquiring accounting homework help, students should always keep in mind that there are many divisions of accounting offered for learning at colleges and universities worldwide. These accounting divisions may seem to be similar, yet they are closely interrelated with each other. It is obvious to receive basic understanding through educational lectures, but in some cases expert writers help is required. Finding an assignment help online is crucial step towards getting better grades and writing top quality papers. When we consult our professional writers, who have over 10 years of working experience, they believe that a well-structured paper starts with strong assignment ideas, unique topics and powerful titles.

Accounting Assignment Help

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How to make and format Coursework Presentation

The type of coursework varies from one department to another. They usually constitute the outline of the concepts to be captured by the students. Various types of coursework would include essays, projects, autobiographical writing, journals, case studies or even scientific and mathematical exercises. Presentation of this coursework involves depicting your ideas in relation to a given topic or concept. Coursework presentation may be done by oral presentation, powerpoint presentation, audio and video tapes or even reports and reviews.

presentation student

Presentations are usually done in class or any designated area and is often followed keenly by the lecturers themselves and the students. The students and the lecturers provide a complete evaluation of your presentation and may use this basis to grade your performance. If the presentation is submitted as a piece of coursework, the assessment form, the write-up and the comments by the lecturer should be included.

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EssayFormats - Presentation

As major assessment criteria, the following elements should be made and formatted according to the specified standards:

  1. Content: the content of the coursework should be relevant and applicable sources listed. This will gauge your understanding of the concepts presented in the coursework.
  2. Structure: the structure, the style, the sequence and the comprehension of the presentation should be up-to-date. This would define the format of the presentation, for example, the inclusion of introduction, methodology, timelines and the objectives of the presentation.
  3. Communication: this is the media to transport your understanding or the presentation between you, the lecturer and the fellow students. The communication should be clear and precisely depict your intended view or opinion.
  4. Presentation: the presentation entails the actual delivery of the content. Clarity of speech, use of non-verbal cues, effective powerpoint presentations, mannerisms and the timing are critical in this stage. This would determine your eventual grade.

Perhaps in the development of the content for the presentation, plagiarism should be avoided at all costs as it would infringe on your academic honesty. In the case of essays or written work, they should be presented in the correct format with the specified academic outlines on references and bibliography.

How Students Cheat On Exams and Why Do They Do That

Cheating in exam by the student has greatly increased in the recent past according to recent researches. Cheating is mainly carried out by the high school student, college student as well as the university students.


Students cheat on their tests, homework as well as other assignment that they are given in school by their teachers and lecturers. This article shall focus on various ways that the students use to cheat in exams as well as the reasons as to why they do so.

How students cheat on exams

Joint cheating

This mainly involves strategic positioning of students sits in the exam rooms which allows them to be able to copy from a bright student. The bright student or the one who have prepared well for the exam writes the answer and the others copy from him or her. Semiotic techniques which usually involve the use of signals in the exam room, whereby a particular sign signifies or represent a particular answer. Distraction of the invigilator where by the students colludes with each distract the supervisor so that they can get a chance to copy answers.

Secluded cheating

This mainly involves ways such as, the unsuspecting victim, where by a student gets to copy the work of another student who is not aware that his or her is being copied, Smuggling of written documents, use of body parts such as hands, fingers, laps and arms, writing on the clothes and use of technological gadgets.


Why students cheat on exams

Pressure to excel in their studies from parents and teachers: The students’ performance in school is solely judged on how they perform in their exams. This makes to do everything possible to excel in order to show they are smart.

Peer pressure: Student cheats if they others doing it and getting away with it. Hence they too do it because they know they will also get away with it.

Unpreparedness during exams: The student who have not studied adequately for the exams are most likely to cheat so as to avoid failing.


5 most effective online courses for students

Many people have gone online to seek and further their skills and knowledge. However, eLearning professionals face the challenge of ensuring effective and secure online courses. Thankfully, there are several online courses that have proved effective over the years. This article examines five such effective online courses for students.

online courses (2)


This course teaches how to identify and develop innovative ideas into a successful business. One learns how to identify a business opportunity based on customer needs. Entrepreneurship jumpstarts creation of great companies.

Introduction to Statistics

Statistics helps in extracting meaningful information from raw data. An online statistic course should help a student understand relationships in mathematics by helping them visualize relationships in data and systematic analytical techniques.

online courses (1)

Computer science

An online computer science course teaches fundamental concepts about computers including building computer-based applications. You can also familiarize yourself with computer programming language, web development, search engine and social networks. Computer science also teaches data entry and management skills.

online courses (3)

Project Management

If you undertake this online course, you learn the basics of project management. Effective project management involves estimating costs and resources needed for running a feasible project. It also involves strategic decision-making and planning. Skills such as financial management for both corporate and personal assets help one make decisions on the use financial resources.

Beautiful woman with laptop in bed.


Leadership calls for influencing people through emotional intelligence, compassion, hope, and mindfulness. Leadership skills should help you to inspire positive energy in those you lead as well as steer a spirit of welcoming change. Learning how to lead will help give you a powerful mental tool for motivating people to give their best in their undertakings. Once you have completed this online course, you should be conversant with various leadership theories and learn how to apply each in your leadership.

How to Make Yourself Focus on the Subject


It is difficult for many people to keep their centre of interest in whatever they are doing. It may be due to the invasion of different thoughts taking over the brain causing distractions and therefore making individuals loose focus. Various methods can be used to regain focus on the subject

Diverse Young Adults

Getting Rid of Any Possible Distractions

Distractions such as mobile phones, computers, people and noises will at all times offer the biggest distractions from the subject. Turning all the gadgets off will ensure there are no possible distractions from phone calls of computer programs. A sign can be posted on the door outside for people to be away, or it will be important to find a secluded place to hand the particular activity.

Anticipate the Physical needs

The body needs to be fuelled and maintained to ensure all the metabolic reactions are progressing well.  It is important to get a glass of water or a beverage to keep the body going. The clothes should be comfortable but not very cozy, and the temperatures and air circulation should be conducive to the task. Doing this will ensure an individual stays focused of the given subject.

Student focuses

Choice of Time

The best time for the task depends on individuals. If one is active during the morning, it is important to choose the a.m. hours to stay focused. If at night time choosing the p.m. hours will be appropriate. Choosing a time when the brain power is less tired is essential as opposed to battling fatigue and trying to focus at the same time.

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Student focuses on subject

Answering the Internal Questions

Most of the distractions for many individuals come from within themselves. People have different worries and other internal distractions that invade the mind. It is important to accept and address the worries and the distractions then put them aside with logical reasons. Getting rid of negativity in the mind about the subject is crucial. The subject should not be perceived as a burden or hard to handle.

What you should know about resume writing?

The most important things you should know about resume writing

Resume writing helps an individual to earn a chance of being invited for a job interview if not getting a job. Therefore, it must be written in good language and in an interesting manner, such that it captures the attention of the prospective employer and entice him to pick it up and read it. Also, a good resume not only states what you have done on education background, but rather it should convince the prospective employer that you have all the ingredients to be a successful employee in filling the vacant position.


 When writing a resume, it is important to know which format to use in order to capture the attention of the employer. Therefore, it is upon the writer to choose which format to use so that it brings out the information in an easy to read way. In addition, when writing the resume one is supposed to highlight his personal qualification, the work experience that an individual has attained over time well. This ensures that, by just a mere look of the resume an employer can notice the key strengths of an applicant.


 According to resume that works service, moreover, it is crucial to list the achievement that someone has accomplished in the previous working places. This should be followed by a career objective. This statement will make the employer see you as worthy person and hiring you will bring more success to the target organization. Finally, it is important also, after writing your educational achievement to put some additional information that will reinforce and support your educational qualifications. For example, write on extra-curriculum activities that you excelled in when in high school or at the college level such as sports and athletics and social participations.