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College application Essay

A College application essay refers to a piece of writing that establishes particular reasons as to why someone wishes to join a certain college or other institution of higher learning. As such, it explains how the applicant or prospective student will stand to benefit from joining the college in addition to persuading by appeal to the school’s administration for enrollment. This is normally achieved by making use of specific strengths and qualities of the applicant that can contribute to the overall augmenting of the institution.

College application Essay

College application essays form a special category of essays that employ elements of style and format. Since they form a crucial factor contributing to getting admission into college, prospective students ought to engage superior writing skills in a unique and eminent sense.

College application essay format Student

College application essay format’ should involve introducing the prospective student and the chosen course of study with purpose in mind. It must then indicate specific and reasonable support for this via an argumentative approach before summarizing the paper by reaffirming the stated purpose and or intention per se.

Applicants must elaborate on the uniqueness of their personality and preferences. They must further outline how this relates to the desired course for study and future goals and objectives. As such, it is important to state one’s personal predilection at the beginning of the essay. In addition to conforming to correct format, College application essays should be counter-checked for any mistakes and or errors, especially in relation to grammar. The College application essay should be brief and pithy albeit giving focus to how the institution stands to enable the applicant to achieve his or her goals and objectives.

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College application essay format

Within the essay, applicants should note the subjects they have studied in high school as well as activities they have engaged in, both in and out of school. The essay ought to be written in formal but simple language. Furthermore, the essay is better off written ‘active’ voice and in the first person, as this would give it a personalized sense.

College Application Essay Sample

What is an Essay? (+Sample, Video)

What is an Essay?

An essay is a chronological writing that gives the information about a given topic. An essay presents the ideas in details, giving explanations for the topic. It can be argumentative, persuasive, or a general essay.

How to Write an Essay

The essay writing process begins with a research on the topic that is to be addressed by the essay. The argument of the essay is then analyzed in order to obtain a good knowledge base. The claims are clearly defined using the evidence, the strengths of logic, and the reasons for the logic. Brainstorming on the topic can also aid in the answering of the questions that are raised in the essay. A thesis is then picked and summed up in a short sentence that is clear and precise.

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Main Writing Steps

The main writing steps include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction provides a platform of catching the attention of the reader, statement of the issues, and the statement of the thesis. The body is made up of paragraphs. Each paragraph conveys a specific idea. They are outlined by topic sentences, support information, and a logical reasoning of the ideas is portrayed. The essay is then concluded by summarizing the main topics, and then ended with a sentence that can be memorized by the reader. The writer should use a standard language in writing an essay, so that it is understood by the reader.

Possible Problems with Essay Writing

The problems with essay writing is the diverse nature of the topics that can be discussed. It is therefore, paramount that the writer outlines the important details that they will capture in their essay. It is also research intensive to obtain the information.

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Formatting an Essay

An essay can be formatted in accordance to the requirements. This can be done in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and the other styles of writing. It is then cited in the body of the essay. At the end, a reference list is made to list the details of the sources used in the research.


essay sample



Standard Essay Format

Standard Essay Format

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Standard Essay Format

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My family essay

An essay about the family

Families are unique units that make up a society. An essay about the family is a good way to understand and appreciate the factors that make a family unique. An essay about the family is, however a tricky assignment. It is crucial that the writer arranges his facts in order to give an informative presentation of the family unit.


Family essay structure

The family essay should have three vital components. The opening is the prologue which introduces the audience to the family members. The subsequent part is the body, the body gives more information about each family member. Each body paragraph talks about one or two members of the family. The closing part is the conclusion, this part captures the information presented in the body paragraphs. The conclusion is a good way to provide closing remarks to the essay.

Use Interesting facts

It is vital to evaluate the facts to be presented in a family essay. Some of the facts may be personal and would hurt the family member if exposed to an audience. It is telling the family members the fact a writer wishes to present to a general audience. Approval from the family members is respectful while writing a family essay.

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EssayFormats My family essay

It is obligatory to ensure that the essay captures the unique facts about the family. Capturing unique facts, ensures that the essay has a personal touch. It is essential to ensure that the essay has a flow of thoughts. The essay should have a flow to assist the audience to follow during the presentation. The writer should avoid repetition as it causes confusion and boredom. The writer should ensure that the facts presented are convincing. The audience should be able to believe the information presented in the essay. The family essay is a good way to reflect on one’s family and appreciate being part of a vital unit in the society.