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Finance Assignment Help

During educational college or university curriculum, the hardest homework there is writing an original  homework papers. Aside from being a difficult subject to study, finance related courses require lots of time and efforts from students to complete finance assignment essays without mistakes and submit it before deadline. “The universal language of business”, finance and accounting subjects require thorough understanding of standard commercial transaction procedures and accurate knowledge of information research, processing and presentation such as liquid investments, financial portfolios, long term investments, reporting cycles, accounts receivable, income measurement, corporate equity, reporting, etc.

Finance Assignment Help

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Basics Assignment Help with Research Paper

Research is primarily conducted to build on existing bodies of knowledge. Over the years, research has been used to push advancements in various fields. A research paper is a literary work that presents the writer’s thoughts on a particular topic backed by data and information from other sources. There are various different kinds of research papers, and irrespective of its purpose, the objectives remain the same. It is essential for a researcher to understand the fundamental concepts of research writing. This will enable the author of a research paper establish credibility while presenting the information in their paper.

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Free College Assignment Help for Student

Writing has become easy today like never before, in fact even a person who has no experience can do a pretty good job, thanks to the help of free online services. These services are of great help to many students and writers in the sense that the essence of struggle going through books has been eradicated. Writing is an experience to those who have access and knowledge of what service is freely available.

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Major Assignment Writing Mistakes

Assignment writing can be fun for students who love it but a stumbling block for many who don’t have the Skill. When one wants to perfect a skill, they have to spend hours and hours working on their craft and eventually they will be successful. When one has adequate knowledge of assignment writing which is fun, some mistakes can be avoided that mess up a student that include

Lack of a clear Introduction

 The purpose of the introduction paragraph is to give a paper or an assignment a genesis that acts as a starting point for paper. Introductions serve as the foundation of the work that even a person who has no idea about the article gets a clue.  Most students fail by having an incomplete introduction or sometimes having no Introduction at all.

Incorrect spelling


There is nothing as hated as spelling mistakes which most instructors don’t entertain. This behavior gives the impression that the writer is ignorant and lacks concern with the quality of the work produced. Most people make this obvious mistake and fail to correct hence in return they get poor results.

Changing Tense

 Changing Tense

When writing it’s important to stick to one tense and not change after each and every paragraph. If one decides to choose the use of past tense, it is recommended not to mix past tense with present tense or any other tense. For the sake of correct grammatical papers that have high quality, the use of the mixture of tense should be avoided.

Passive voice

passive voice

When writing sometimes it’s difficult to notice the use of passive voice, it is recommended that an individual should use online programs that detect the use of passive voice in the assignment. The use of passive voice has been a challenge to many students who write assignments that is why intelligent, user-friendly software will do just fine in helping one avoid such mistakes.

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Major Assignment Writing Mistakes



 It’s not wrong to use formal speech or sentences an article or assignment, but sometimes it is recommended to use some creativity while writing. It can be tedious reading an article that seems so official in use and the expression of the writer becomes somehow neglected.

Cause and Effect Essay Guidelines

Cause and Effect Essay Guidelines

A Cause and Effect essay is there to explain the reason why things occur and what transpires subsequently (effects). Cause and effect is a typical system for sorting out and talking about plans. Depending upon the sort of connection in the middle of causes and effects, the paper can either be formatted by any of the following three patterns:

1. Various Causes, One Effect pattern: This pattern manages the circumstances when one effect is an aftereffect of numerous causes. This has got five sections: introduction, summary, and three sections, each depicting one of the causes, prompting the effect.

2. One Cause, Multiple Effects pattern: This pattern ought to be utilized when one cause prompts numerous effects. It has five sections: introduction, summary, and three sections, each portraying one of the effects, the cause is prompting.

3. Causal Chain pattern: Sometimes a cause prompts a circumstance and that circumstance prompts an alternate circumstance etc. This pattern has seven sections: introduction, summary, and five sections, each portraying one causal connection.There are rules that will help in composing an effective Cause and effect exposition.

Asian college student

The guideline step is first to thoroughly consider the selected topic. Before composing, one needs to conceptualize thoughts for the body paragraphs. Secondly, exhibit an acceptable theory; One’s proposition ought to educate perusers of the purpose or aim. The theory may concentrate on causes, effects, or both.

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EssayFormats Cause and Effect Essay Guidelines

Moving further, use transitions; Transitional words help the peruser take after your cause-and-effect dissection. Finally, Draw a conclusion; Restate the theory and achieve a conclusion concerning the causes and/or effects. Normal move words in a conclusion incorporate because, in this manner, and subsequently.

The Proper Essay Format

The Proper Essay Format

A proper essay should contain a title page unless specified or MLA type of essay. The title page should contain the student name, the unit title or number, the course and institution, the instructor’s name and the date.  Most writing styles require the margins to be one inch on all sides. The sentences should be double spaced except for long quotations containing more than thirty words, this quotations are usually single spaced. Each page should have a page number preferably on the top right margin. The text is usually aligned to the left margin but not the right margin.  A proper essay should be written in 12 point Times New Roman font.

The Proper Essay Format  Students

A proper essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction is a build up to the essay’s issue or point of argument. The reader should be able to know what the essay is about. The body of the essay contains a group of paragraphs; each paragraph should focus on one issue or idea that supports the major topic of discussion.  The paragraphs should have evidence that expound on the idea. The conclusion should be a summary of the discussion. It is basically a trace of the essay from the beginning to the end with emphasis on the main points.

A proper essay should contain citations when the writer includes material from another source.  Citation helps the reader to locate the work in order to find out more information. Citations also strengthen an essay because they provide support to the writer’s ideas.

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EssayFormats: The Proper Essay Format

A proper essay should contain a reference page. The word reference should be centered on top of the page and should be unformatted; that is the word should not be in bold, underlined or in quotation marks. All lines after the first line should be indented half an inch from the left margin what is referred to as hanging indentation. The entries should always have the last name of the main author first. These entries should be arranged in alphabetical order.

How to Format an Essay in APA

How to Format an Essay in APA

The APA style is used in a wide range of academic disciplines for purposes of submitting papers in several disciplines. This format dictates the presentation of the elements of an essay in terms of properties such as spacing, margins and content structure. The format is commonly used in all levels of academic work presentation. It is preferred due to its quality of simplicity in use and structure. This quality makes it easy for readers to read and understand all the information without requiring much help or assistance from the authors.

How to Format an Essay in APA Students

The style features one-inch margins from all edges of the paper. This is an actual default in most word editors, including Microsoft Word that is among the commonest access platforms for these documents. The font has to be set to Times New Roman, which will be used for all writing in this essay. The font size is point-12, and the spacing between the individual lines should be double (2.0). Up next, one should insert the header, which is different for the first page. All the pages do feature page numbers. The first page should have the words ‘Running Head’ appearing before the header, aligned to the left.

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EssayFormats How to Format an Essay in APA

The title page includes centered list of the label of the essay, the student’s name, the instructor’s name, the course and finally the dates. All these should follow the order outlined, unless specified by the instructor.  One can then create and edit their document as they deem fit. The references page features information from other sources. The sources are listed alphabetically using last name of the author.

Simple argumentative essay topics

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay that relies on evidence as well as reasoning to support some proposition. In an argumentative essay, there are two sides of an issue, which can either be supported or opposed depending on the point of view. An argumentative essay thus tries to convince the reader to take the position of the writer through support of the reasoning; with facts. The writer further ensures that he acknowledges that there are opposing views, but their importance to the discussed topic is minimal. At the end of an argumentative essay, the writer support of the topic is clear and can thus convenience others to take his side.

Simple argumentative essay topics Students

How to choose a good essay

In choosing an argumentative essay, it is important that the writer identifies a topic that he understands. The topic should be clear to the writer, to ensure that collecting of supporting evidence becomes easier. The topic should also be narrowed to ensure that cases of ambiguity are not encountered. Narrowing the topic makes the audience understand the specific argument raised by the writer. A good argumentative essay should also be composed of a topic that is debatable or controversial and it is understood by the readers. A good essay should finally show that the writer has in-depth understanding of the topic and has researched widely on the topic.

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Simple argumentative essay topics

Examples of topics on argumentative essay

A good example of an argumentative essay topic is “Marrying at a tender age leads to a successful family”.

Other topics could be:

  1. Parents are to blame for rising insecurity in the country.
  2. Presidential system of governance is more efficient than the parliamentary system of governance.
  3. Single parenthood leads to undivided love for children is also another topic.
  4. Mobile phones have become a necessary evil in the society.

College essay topic ideas

How to Make a Good Paper

Each college student around the world is required to write essays in each of their courses. However, for some students this is not easy since they do not have proper skills to formulate good topics. One of the important things that each student must know is the purpose for writing a paper. Once the student understands the purpose for his or her paper it becomes easy to formulate a suitable  topic.

College essay topic ideas Students

 Essay topics should be short and clear. A good topic should be specific to the major theme in the term paper. For instance, if a student needs to talk about “Technology,” the student should narrow down to a specific topic like “Technology in classrooms” This means that topics prepare reader’s minds for what they expect in the essays. Essay topics can be in the form of statements or questions. It can also be a single word. For instance, a student can write about “Technology,” at the same time another paper topic can be a question about technology “Is technology effective in education?” Another topic can be a thesis statement that is based on facts or specific examples. For example, “How technology has improved education standards” It is also important for college students to ask themselves some few questions about their topics and formulate new and interesting ideas about the same topic. Each paper must meet each level of study and the area of expertise. Therefore, before writing any essay one must do a thorough research in the area of study and related topics to ensure that one has enough content for the essay. One should also come up with sources for their essays to ensure that all their work is properly referenced to avoid plagiarism.

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EssayFormats College essay topic ideas

After understanding the purpose of writing an essay and the target audience, the next step is to ensure that your paper has a good structure. Each essay should have a good introduction that makes the reader understand what the whole paper is all about. The writer should also connect this introduction with the main points. In the body, students should ensure that their language is well understood, punctuated and free flowing. Each paragraph should at least carry a new point of discussion. In addition, paragraphs should not be lengthy and should contain short and well-structured sentences.  An interesting essay should end with a good conclusion which summarizes ideas. The conclusion should also give the reader a chance to reflect the main points.

Check 50 Great Essay Topics for Your Assignment

  1. Significance of safety harnesses.
  2. What should be done to address the glut of paper products?
  3. Is Juvenile sentence is right?
  4. Why are pension plans going broke?
  5. What are the dangers of asbestos removal?
  6. What are the health issues associated with meat consumption?
  7. What are the advantages of zoning?
  8. Should women be given special privileges at the work place?
  9.  What are the dangers of steroid use?
  10. Should health insurance be mandatory?
  11. Does the media have too much freedom?
  12. What role does the media play in the modern world?
  13. What are the effects of teenage pregnancies?
  14. Should content be regulated?
  15. Does the government have moral obligation to the public?
  16. What role does the government play on issues on currency?
  17. What is the importance of financial education in the modern world?
  18. Is the cost of high education too high?
  19. Should drug tests be mandatory in high schools?
  20. Should private space travel be encouraged?
  21. What are the dangers of steroid use?
  22. Is the use of surveillance equipment in public spaced a violation of the public privacy?
  23. Do terrorists have rights?
  24. Is the death penalty effective?
  25. What role does the judiciary play in the fight against terrorism?
  26. Should countries go to war with countries believed to harbor and finance terror activities?
  27. Do individual votes matter?
  28. Should the public be able to hold elected officials accountable for their oprivate actions?
  29. What moral obligations to politicians have to the electorate?
  30. Should gambling be legalized?
  31. Should the tax system be reviewed?
  32. Is technology the next battle frontier?
  33. What needs to be done to avoid another global financial crisis?
  34. Are racial tensions responsible for the rise in crime rate?
  35. Universal healthcare, a dream or reality?
  36. Should persons under the legal drinking age, 21, be allowed to go unpunished when they break the law?
  37. Should the mentally handicapped by imprisoned in mental hospitals when found guilty of crimes?
  38. Should mental patients be allowed to check themselves out of hospitals after treatment?
  39. Should abortion be legalized?
  40. Should the government provide abortion services for those in need?
  41. Do advertisers need strict regulations and penalties for false advertising?
  42. What are the health effects of genetically modified foods?
  43. How should juvenile offenders be dealt with?
  44. Should violent video games be outlawed?
  45. Should the minimum wage be raised?
  46. Are senior executives in the corporate world paid too much?
  47. What responsibilities do chief executives have during economic crisis?
  48. Do media outlets have an obligation to provide the public with factual information?
  49. What role does the media play in the bias and racial debate?
  50. Should recycling be made mandatory?

Persuasive speech topics

Persuasive Speech

            Persuasive speech  refers to a particular type of speech in which the speaker has the objective of persuading the audience to accept his or her perspective. The first step is to get an appropriate topic for the speech. It should be in an area that you understand and which your audience can relate to. Consequently, it is important to know the audience before agreeing  to present the speech. Furthermore, this will enable the speaker to anticipate objections to his ideas and to address them so that it is a balanced presentation.

Persuasive speech topics Student

            The second step involves setting a goal. This is informed by what the speaker wants the audience to do. For example, a politician would want the audience to vote for him or her. The third step is to ensure that the speech is localized. The speaker should use local examples whenever possible. This is because human beings are prone to care if the issue being discussed is something they can relate to. Fourth, the speech should evoke empathy. Moreover, it should be backed by evidence. Therefore, the speaker should ensure that they use credible and relevant sources.

            Fifth, the speech should address the other side of the argument. This will not only make it balanced, but will also add value to the speech by enabling the speaker to strike down opposing ideas. Lastly, having gathered all the material required for the speech, the speaker should select the structure of the speech. The structure should be deliberately chosen to ensure it suits the topic, audience and purpose of the speech.

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EssayFormats Persuasive speech topics

            Persuasive speeches can be made interesting by the use of rhetorical questions to provoke the audience to think about the ideas being presented. Furthermore, the audience will appreciate an honest presentation of ideas. In addition, the use of a statistics will add weight to the speech. Moreover, the infusion of light humor will entertain the guests.

            However, persuasive speech writing presents a number of difficulties. First, the speaker must ensure that they present a balanced argument without undermining their point of view. Second, the audience may be unresponsive to the speech. Third, the speaker has to strike a balance between presenting an insufficient speech and a long one which would bore the audience. Furthermore, the speaker has to ensure that they do not alienate the audience even as they present their genuine perspective on the subject.

The following is a list of possible persuasive writing topics:

  1. Marijuana should be legalized.
  2. Television promotes violence in children.
  3. Meat consumption is harmful to human health.
  4. The manufacture of cigarettes should be outlawed.
  5. There should be stronger limits on immigration.
  6. The American democratic system is broken.
  7. Abortion should be legalized.
  8. The voting age should be reduced to 16 years.
  9. Traditional books are better than eBooks.
  10. Whistle blowers who disclose NSA and CIA secrets should not be discriminated.
  11. Gun ownership should be banned.
  12. Space tours should be discouraged.
  13. Every student should be forced to learn how to code.
  14. American football should be banned in colleges.
  15. Bloggers should be regulated.
  16. Hunting should be outlawed to protect indigenous species.
  17. Sports salaries should be capped.
  18. Politicians’ pay should be tied to economic growth.
  19. Patients and their families should have a right to choose eunthanasia.
  20. Drug addicts should be sent to hospitals rather than prisons.
  21. The capitalist system is broken.
  22. The Myers Briggs test is not a valid measurement of personalities.
  23. The tax system is broken.
  24. Nuclear power is better than other renewable energy sources.
  25. The death penalty should be abolished.
  26. Patents inhibit rather than protect innovation.
  27. There should be a compulsory youth service for all high school graduates before they join college.
  28. Elders over the age of 65 should be banned from voting.
  29. Voting should be made compulsory.
  30. America should adopt an isolationist policy.
  31. The sale of video games to children should be prohibited.
  32. There should be a plan  for the internet.
  33. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  34. Single parents should be allowed to adopt children.
  35. Surrogate motherhood should be outlawed.
  36. Grocery stores should be forced to ensure GMO products are labeled as such.
  37. Religious organizations should pay taxes.
  38. The estate tax should be broken.
  39. Universal health care coverage should be made compulsory for everyone.
  40. Each Board of Directors should be forced to have 30% female representation.
  41. The United Nation is an efficient means of solving international crises.
  42. Developed countries should bear the cost of combating climate change.
  43. The Fast food industry is accountable for the high obesity rates in society.
  44. The war on drugs is a failure.
  45. The war on terrorism is a failure.
  46. The expenditure on the military should be capped.
  47. Students should be subject to mandatory drug and pregnancy tests.
  48. Freedom of speech is more important than the security of the State.
  49. The Supreme Court is a tool of partisan ideologies rather than an instrument of justice.
  50. Unpaid internships are slave labor.