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How to Write an Essay about Myself

My life (Essay Example)

As a student like most Americans at my age, I study hard in school to achieve my goals. I dream for the feature and am determined to fulfill my dreams. I know a smart mind cannot substitute hard work. How I live my life outside school is one difference I have from most of my peers. I hail from a relatively affluent family with two siblings so they are able to provide for me even when am at home.  During this time, I decided to be interacting with less privileged people as this would give me a chance to help them as I have always wished to do something to uplift their status. This is why I turned to be helping homeless kids. Through this interaction, we are able to share and I learn a lot regarding their situation. This interaction has really changed how I treat less privileged people in the society.


I have always excelled in school something I feel proud of. I also have a passion for music even though speaking or singing in front of large crowds has always been a problem for me. I feel inadequate in developing content and simple and clear methods of addressing the public. For this reason I have decided to take a short course on public speaking to develop my skills.  I have also challenged myself to participate more in such platforms to improve on the skills I wish improved.

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How to Write an Essay about Myself

I am determined that I will improve in my skills as well as in my support program as I interact more with the groups. I am also hopeful that my passion for music can translate to something helpful for the homeless whom we interact with.

The MLA Essay Format

The Modern Language Association Essay Format

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is a method for source documentation that is used in almost all humanities courses. When writing an essay in the MLA Format, double spacing is a requirement and under no circumstances should it be single spaced. Headers though not required by the MLA style, help the overall structure and organization of the essay.  The general rule is to leave one space after punctuation marks unless otherwise instructed. The margins of an MLA document should be one inch wide and every first line of a paragraph should be indented half an inch to the left. The header is situated at the upper right hand corner and the page number. End notes if included should be on a separate page usually before the Works Cited page. The title should be centered and unformatted just like that of Works Cited.

The Modern Language Association Essay Format Student

Unless specified the MLA format does not require a title page. Instead on upper left hand corner of the first page the writer list their name, the instructors name, course and date. Below this insert the title at the center of the page. The title should not be italicized, in quotation marks or underlined, it should however be in title case. If the title is referring to another authors work put the title of the work in quotation marks.

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EssayFormats The Modern Language Association Essay Format

Works citations in MLA general require the author’s name, work title, publication city, publish year, and basically an indication of the publication medium. For example

Gifford, Holt. Ecology 101.New York: Penguin group 2007. Print

MLA guidelines for online sources were developed on assumption that the content can be found online as long as the author and title was included, eliminating the need for URL listing.

Sponsor, Date created (use n.d. if not available) Medium, Date accessed.

Using of block quoted whenever citations are longer than four typed lines. These quotes begin on a new line double spaced and are indented. Quotation marks are not needed here and if a source has more than three authors, the first author’s last name followed by “et al” is used.

How to format an essay in MLA

How to format an essay in MLA

The MLA style is commonly used in structuring high school and college levels of presenting scholarly essays. The format is also used in formatting standard academic essays, without regard to the level. It is considered a nice educational method of submitting an essay since it is orderly, simple and shows academic proficiency in writing. The format is usable in standard document formats and is often used on the Microsoft Word platform.

How to format your essay in MLA Student

It is important to first observe the paper layout used in standard issue MLA style. The document should have all margins set to one inch, but this is normally the standard layout in the Microsoft Word platform. The font style should be set to Times New Roman, of 12-point size. The line spacing should be set to double (2.0). Once these layout bounds are set and checked, one is ready to edit the actual text. The header should be inserted next to the page number, and one’s surname acts as a header. Making the title page involves placing one’s full name, their instructor’s name, the course (and class) followed by the date. The order should be followed in that manner, making sure these items are aligned to the left edge.

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How to format your essay in MLA

After this, one is ready to create their essay, by placing the title at the center. The next item to note is acknowledging others’ works (citing). This is done through the help of in-text citations and bibliographies which is known as works cited in this format. The Titles are italicized, followed by the publisher and the year of publication. The in-text citations are made by placing the writer’s name then the page number used in brackets.

The Proper Essay Format

The Proper Essay Format

A proper essay should contain a title page unless specified or MLA type of essay. The title page should contain the student name, the unit title or number, the course and institution, the instructor’s name and the date.  Most writing styles require the margins to be one inch on all sides. The sentences should be double spaced except for long quotations containing more than thirty words, this quotations are usually single spaced. Each page should have a page number preferably on the top right margin. The text is usually aligned to the left margin but not the right margin.  A proper essay should be written in 12 point Times New Roman font.

The Proper Essay Format  Students

A proper essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction is a build up to the essay’s issue or point of argument. The reader should be able to know what the essay is about. The body of the essay contains a group of paragraphs; each paragraph should focus on one issue or idea that supports the major topic of discussion.  The paragraphs should have evidence that expound on the idea. The conclusion should be a summary of the discussion. It is basically a trace of the essay from the beginning to the end with emphasis on the main points.

A proper essay should contain citations when the writer includes material from another source.  Citation helps the reader to locate the work in order to find out more information. Citations also strengthen an essay because they provide support to the writer’s ideas.

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EssayFormats: The Proper Essay Format

A proper essay should contain a reference page. The word reference should be centered on top of the page and should be unformatted; that is the word should not be in bold, underlined or in quotation marks. All lines after the first line should be indented half an inch from the left margin what is referred to as hanging indentation. The entries should always have the last name of the main author first. These entries should be arranged in alphabetical order.

How to Format an Essay in APA

How to Format an Essay in APA

The APA style is used in a wide range of academic disciplines for purposes of submitting papers in several disciplines. This format dictates the presentation of the elements of an essay in terms of properties such as spacing, margins and content structure. The format is commonly used in all levels of academic work presentation. It is preferred due to its quality of simplicity in use and structure. This quality makes it easy for readers to read and understand all the information without requiring much help or assistance from the authors.

How to Format an Essay in APA Students

The style features one-inch margins from all edges of the paper. This is an actual default in most word editors, including Microsoft Word that is among the commonest access platforms for these documents. The font has to be set to Times New Roman, which will be used for all writing in this essay. The font size is point-12, and the spacing between the individual lines should be double (2.0). Up next, one should insert the header, which is different for the first page. All the pages do feature page numbers. The first page should have the words ‘Running Head’ appearing before the header, aligned to the left.

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EssayFormats How to Format an Essay in APA

The title page includes centered list of the label of the essay, the student’s name, the instructor’s name, the course and finally the dates. All these should follow the order outlined, unless specified by the instructor.  One can then create and edit their document as they deem fit. The references page features information from other sources. The sources are listed alphabetically using last name of the author.

Persuasive essay format

Persuasion Essay Definition

The aim of a persuasion essay is to convince the reader to adopt a specific point of view or take a particular action. It is used to show the legitimacy of a certain idea over another by utilizing logic and reasoning. The writer is required to stand for or against an idea and convince the reader to take the same stand as well. When writing a persuasive essay, the writer should use sound reasoning and sufficient evidence that is factual for instance by quoting experts or referring to available statistics. The argument in the essay should be debatable, that is, have two sides or viewpoints.

Persuasion Essay Students

Persuasive essay format

When writing a persuasion essay, the writer should start with the introduction. This introduces the topic to the readers. This also catches the attention of the reader about the content of the essay which is put forward as a thesis or focus statement. This guides the reader when reading the essay and also imposes manageable limits on the writer when writing the topic.

The second part of a persuasive essay is the body.  This should be presented in paragraphs where each paragraph represents a point supporting the main idea. The writer should support each point with evidence or examples. The writer should also address the counter arguments for the opposing view- points. When addressing the opposing viewpoint, the writer should acknowledge the validity of his opponent’s argument.

The last part of the persuasive essay is the conclusion. This is a summary of the most important ideas of the essay. The writer should creatively restate their main idea and the supporting points they have laid out. This leaves the readers more connected to the topic, it also makes the main idea more persuasive.

Sixth Edition APA Style

Defining APA Style

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association defines American Psychological Association [APA], as a brief but comprehensive summary of an article’s contents. The style allows survey of the contents by a reader. The person interested in the article can also abstract and index it from the databases (APA, 2010).

APA essay sample Student

How to Write in APA Style

APA suggests a word count for Abstract to be 150 to 250 words. In the body, headings are as shown as illustrated in the title “Defining APA Style” above and all the text should be double-spaced. The first sentence begins flush left and is indented 1 inch margin. The in-text citations for APA formation have the surname of the Author and the year of the publication.

Setting Up the Running Heads in APA

APA style has a title page that is designed differently from the other pages because it has the words “Running Head” while the subsequent pages only have the title. To set up the running head;

  1. Click Insert, in your Word 2007 document then select Header or double click on the header while the cursor is on the header.
  2. Header & Footer Tools, click on Insert Page Number and choose Right. Then click Page Number, and choose Current Position.
  3. Under the Design Tab, check on different first Page.
  4. Format the first page of your article by including the words Running Head then the title of your article in upper case.
  5. At this point you should tap outside the header and finish formatting the rest of article as demonstrated in the sample below.


APA essay sample 1

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EssayFormats APA essay sample

APA essay sample 2

College Admission Essay Format

College admission essay format makes the design of the essay appear professional and impressive. In order to realize this impressive and professional appearance, there are some guidelines set by academic authorities in formatting the essay. The guidelines must be followed since they will be assessed as part of the essay.

College Admission Essay Format Students

Formatting the admission essay

Formatting the admission essay commences with a good header. The college admission essay will need a title page. On separate lines, the title page has to contain the writer’s name that should be double-spaced and centered. The course and instructors name should be left out since it is not a classwork presentation. It is not necessary to start the admission essay with an outline, but if you commence the paper with an outline, it should be on the center and one inch from the page top. The outline should also be double spaced. It should be noted that the plan should appear in a short sentence form. It should be a frame of the admission essay.

If MLA format is used, all the pages should be numbered. The pages should be numbered after the first page at the right hand upper corner. The plan pages should be numbered with small roman numerals. Begin the writing one inch starting at the top page and leave one inch from the sides and bottom of the paper.

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College Admission Essay Format

Observe the word limit normally given. One should not go beyond the word limit even if the text to be written is very important. The world limit should guide the writer so that all the essential information is highlighted. Words beyond the limit will be ignored and discarded.

Use a clear font if the formatting style is not given. Use News Times Roman with a twelve point font. Just like other papers, the essay should have an introduction, body and a conclusion.

College Admission Essay Format Sample


What Is APA Format?

APA stands for American psychological Association. This is an association that is dedicated towards the efforts of improving on and maintaining the quality of the APA citation style as used in texts, research papers and other publications. Although there are many other citation styles, APA stands out as one of the most popular, as well as easy to use styles. Before the adoption of citation styles in writing articles, research papers and other publications, there was confusion insofar as structure, formatting, writing style and referencing were concerned. Every author used to approach these aspects with their own styles, causing disarray. However, the adoption of APA as the ‘standard’ or rather widely acceptable citation style for all matter dealing with social sciences has restored order in this field. This now forces publishers or articles, research papers and any other publications in the field of social sciences to adopt this citation style as their preferred style. While this took a while to adjust to at the beginning, it has since become the norm for even high school students to format, reference and cite their work in APA.

Group of young students at high school

Like any system, this one is not perfect, as well. The leading scholars in developing this citation style have dedicated much of their time to refining the previous editions of this style into better and more elaborate editions. Since its conception and adoption, APA has witnessed five different editions before its current 6th edition. The editions of APA are simply modifications to the previous rules involved in formatting, citation, word choice and referencing. In this sense, every edition is an improvement of the older edition. Currently in its 6th edition, this citation style is a constant reminder of change and improvement.

What Is APA Format

The APA citation style has a number of rules that almost certainly do not change. First of is the fact that any research paper in APA should encompass four major sections namely: Title Page, Abstract, Main Body and Reference Page in that order. It is worth noting that the Title Page, Abstract and Reference Page are all pages on their own, and do not contain any other information on the same pages. Secondly, the header section of this citation style is quite unique. For the Title Page, the header reads as “Running Head: PAPER TITLE” while for the rest of the pages until the end, it will read “PAPER TITLE”. Needless to say, these headers are always Flush Left.

The first page contains only the author’s name (without any titles) and the Institutional Affiliation. Only the first name and surname are written in full, with the maiden name being represented by the appropriate initial. The Institutional Affiliation represents the institution in which the research was carried out, or the school the author attends. The Abstract is a short highlight of the information found in the main body of the research paper. It provides the reader with a glimpse of what to expect from the paper. For the Reference Page, all references used in the research are cited according to APA style and are arranged in alphabetical order. It is also noteworthy that any lines after the first line are indented. The headings can be centered or flush left and in bold or italicized. This depends on the level of the heading, from 1-5. These are the key areas that define APA as a citation style on its own, and are the areas any writer or publisher applying APA cannot fail to observe.

College Essay Format

Essay is a usual task in everyday educational life. Wherever you study either in school or college, one day you will be assigned to write an essay and the type of educational institution determines the requirements which you should follow while writing your paper.


Besides content, you should know its basic format structure. As regards to college essay format, it shows student’s skill to in theoretical and professional training, well application of knowledge achieved in the course of studying. Of course you are encouraged to be creative while you start preparing your essay, but still don’t forget about formatting. If you present improper format structure, it will result in you grades. So make sure that your paper look perfect and if you are not aware of how to format college essay, look next guidelines which will help you to submit good college essay. There are several aspects of college level work, given across the curriculum. All this information you may find below.


Several Tips to Essay Formatting

Certain requirements are usually applied to college essays. Your task is to follow strictly these directions in order to make ideal formatting for your essay. What does proper format mean? It is the matter of font size, spacing and other computer word settings. Your essay should meet the requirements of your college or other educational institution. Focus on next tips and check whether you have right format.

1)      Use ordinary white A4 paper and its size refers to 8 ½ by 11 inches.  Buy it beforehand and don’t use leftover mauve stock, resume paper or nay other size. Forget about folders, binders or plastic covers. Just staple the pages or fasten with a paper clip on the top left hand corner.

2)      Set font Times New Roman, size 10 or 12 and check if it is black. It is not welcomed to use larger fonts or other letter styles.  Double space the whole text and set the printer for black ink.

3)      Put one inch margins on top, bottom, left and right side of the paper. Paragraphs have to be indented with 5 spaces or you may just press button TAB. Be sure that you have one empty line above or below your charts or other visual components.

4)      Pages should be numbered in the top right-hand corner.

5)      Check the format of direct quotations and use quotation marks and parenthetical citation. According to style, it can be just author’s last name and page number or last name and year of publication. Be confident to mention all sources that you have used in your work.  In case if there is a requirement for footnotes, you may simply use computer option to format them and this will save your time.

6)      Short quotations are contained within the text of the paper, while longer citations are centered in a block from and have indentation of 10 spaces as a separate sentence.

7)      Be sure that you “works cited” section and this is necessary when you make use of outside sources. Your task is to include all bibliographic listing or books materials that you have referred to.

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College Essay Format

Other Essay Format Features

Apart from the mentioned above special requirements, there is still the scope of other peculiarities that appear necessary when you prepare your college paper.

1)      When you start formatting your essay, be confident that it should start with the title page. This section usually contains author’s and instructor’s name, course title, topic of the essay, name of the institution and the date. You may type this information at the first page along with the text or create a separate one.  Choose the variant that suits or more or is specified by your teacher.

2)      Next task is to create table of contents with precise title of each paper part and initial pages indications.

3)      Essay format and style is clearly simple. The style of writing is generally the impersonal monologue and you should use second-person plural. If you have some obscure terms, explain them in brackets or footnotes.  Don’t be personal while writing essay.  Never use “I” and such phrases like “I think”, “To my mind” and so on.  Be diligent to change them into these general authorial statements like “It seems”, ‘In our opinion” etc.  Correct format will show your general skills and level of education.

4)      Follow basic college essay structure. Usually it includes the following elements like title page, table of contents, introduction, body and conclusion and of course list of books quoted in the text. Put each structural part on a new page. And don’t use extra space between the chapter and the text.

5)      As regards to structure, your introduction should include thesis statement and explain what goals you want to achieve. It should be presented in a form of a paragraph or several parts united by title “Introduction”.  Main body should be presented with proper heading. At the end of your work, there is a conclusion that summarize your content and it have to consist of 2-3 paragraphs.

So make a proper formatting for your college essay and create a comfort for reader when it is time to reader your paper.