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50 Persuasive Essay Topics

What is a persuasive essay?

Persuasive essays enable students to articulate their own perspective about worldview affairs. Unluckily, many students obtain poor result on such assignments because of selecting undeveloped or poor topics. It is advisable for students to understand the characteristics of an effective argumentative essay. First, an efficient topic needs to be relevant. This implies more than simply selecting a topic associated with an individual’s coursework. There are many topics which once were believed relevant, but currently are no longer significant. It is appropriate to select a topic that the lecturer and fellow students will like in order to draw their attention.

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How to select a good argumentative or persuasive essay topic?

Secondly, a good topic should be defended. Many students choose topics that they are unable to defend or support adequately. Arguments should be well researched to make certain only individuals with outstanding knowledge in the course may refute the findings. Sometimes, students select topics which are disapproved (weak persuasive essay topic). This hinders students’ capability to defend their claims. Thirdly, argumentative topics need to be emotional. The selected topics need to stir certain emotion. This implies that topics should be associated with real human experience. It is important for students to provide stories that demonstrate their claims and inspires their readers emotionally. Another challenge is that many students select topics which are not well defined. They need to develop their topics using concrete ideas. Please find more free
persuasive essay topics on this page here.

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50 best argumentative essay topics

Tips on writing a persuasive paper

Furthermore, associated with the need to develop an emotional essay is the idea of creating the topics that are applicable to the target readers. Being able to defend individuals’ claims using relevant evidence is a vital consideration. The point here is to ensure the argumentative essay is purposeful, provoke actions, inspire emotions and stir readers’ minds. Argumentative essay structure should be applicable. This means that they should be purposeful to readers. Moreover, they should be defensible, relevant, concrete and emotional. These are the guidelines that indicate that a student understands what he or she is supposed to discuss.

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50 best argumentative and persuasive essay topics:

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  1. Animal testing, do you think it is a necessary thing or a savage?
  2. Animals, should they be entitled to enjoy some rights?
  3. Are fast foods killing or safely feeding us?
  4. Are traditional medicine alternative drugs?
  5. Can all human beings become vegetarians?
  6. Cell phones have changed human live. What are their negative and positive effects?
  7. Certain state governments have legalized euthanasia. Is this act a crime or an acceptable killing?
  8. Certain states have legalized marijuana. Should it be banned or accepted?
  9. Consider death penalty; is it an essential intervention or a practice of the past?
  10. Consider globalization process; is it a negative or positive aspect?
  11. Do feminism perspectives have detrimental or positive influence on women’s lives nowadays?
  12. Do huge or small families good for nurturing children?
  13. Do interactions in social media site a great invention?
  14. Do you agree with Iraq war or are you against the war?
  15. Do you think any person can become rich?
  16. Do you think education is the most vital aspect in the third world countries?
  17. Do you think genetic research ruins humanity or enhances human lives? 
  18. Do you think hunting is good or harmful to the environment?
  19. Do you think teenage marriages should be legalized?
  20. Do you think wearing school uniform is an essential (necessary) thing?
  21. Does God really exist?
  22. Forest destruction is a criminal offense against mother earth
  23. Impacts of video games shown at schools
  24. Is abortion a murder act?
  25. Is democracy the best way of governing the society?
  26. Is facebook an important innovation? Or does it infringe users’ privacy? 
  27. Is global warming a real threat or a myth?
  28. Is it appropriate to abolish or increase sex education taught in schools?
  29. Is it appropriate to ban alcohol advertising? 
  30. Is it appropriate to show violent or sex programs on TV?
  31. Is making use of mobile phones when driving something acceptable? Or should it be prohibited?
  32. Is nuclear energy a form of safety energy source?
  33. Is obtaining university or college degree mandatory to achieve success?
  34. Is patriotic education necessary?
  35. Is third world war a phenomenon that is likely to happen?
  36. Is true that men are cleverer than women?
  37. Must we depend on technology for everything? 
  38. Security cameras put people’s privacy at risk
  39. Should cloning activities be banned or acceptable?
  40. Should corporate punishment practiced in schools?
  41. Should gay marriage be legalized in every democratic nation?
  42. Should the government allow the common citizens to have guns?
  43. Should the government ban pornography?
  44. Should the government forbid application of heroin in tobacco?
  45. Should unfair mass media coverage be punishable?
  46. Some individuals are involved in long distance relationships. Does it really work?
  47. The significance of optional energy sources 
  48. Vegetarianism is an idea that is nowadays encouraged. It is healthy?
  49. What are the merits and demerits of conservatism?
  50. Which is better; living in rural areas or living in urban areas?

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Simple argumentative essay topics

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is an essay that relies on evidence as well as reasoning to support some proposition. In an argumentative essay, there are two sides of an issue, which can either be supported or opposed depending on the point of view. An argumentative essay thus tries to convince the reader to take the position of the writer through support of the reasoning; with facts. The writer further ensures that he acknowledges that there are opposing views, but their importance to the discussed topic is minimal. At the end of an argumentative essay, the writer support of the topic is clear and can thus convenience others to take his side.

Simple argumentative essay topics Students

How to choose a good essay

In choosing an argumentative essay, it is important that the writer identifies a topic that he understands. The topic should be clear to the writer, to ensure that collecting of supporting evidence becomes easier. The topic should also be narrowed to ensure that cases of ambiguity are not encountered. Narrowing the topic makes the audience understand the specific argument raised by the writer. A good argumentative essay should also be composed of a topic that is debatable or controversial and it is understood by the readers. A good essay should finally show that the writer has in-depth understanding of the topic and has researched widely on the topic.

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Simple argumentative essay topics

Examples of topics on argumentative essay

A good example of an argumentative essay topic is “Marrying at a tender age leads to a successful family”.

Other topics could be:

  1. Parents are to blame for rising insecurity in the country.
  2. Presidential system of governance is more efficient than the parliamentary system of governance.
  3. Single parenthood leads to undivided love for children is also another topic.
  4. Mobile phones have become a necessary evil in the society.

Argumentative Essay Format

Argumentative Essay Format

When you are instructed to write an essay, you may become confused as you simply don’t know how to start preparing your assignment. Of course it only seems that essay is rather clear task and you will manage through a couple of hours. But in reality you may have no idea how to organize your thoughts or to structure your paper.


You will spend lots of daunting hours and the result won’t be excellent.  On contrary you can have some experience in this sphere, but still you are not aware of essay formatting.  This is also a significant moment, as proper format distinguishes good essay from bad one.  You should not only present well-grounded statements supported by the examples and evidence, but also follow certain format and structure. And the choice of format may depend in accordance with either your educational institution or specific type of format that you may be required to write in. There lots of formats and they differ by minor features. Among them, argumentative style also has its specific peculiarities.

About Argumentative Essay

This type of essay is similar in some way with persuasive style but nevertheless it has several distinct features. The main goal of persuasive essay is to “grab” the reader to your side of the argument, while argumentative paper is aimed just to show your valid arguments and it allows reader either to accept your position or disagree. Another important distinction between these two types is that in persuasive essay although you mention the opposing view, only one side of the subject is debated. And the final difference is the organization of composition.  Writing argumentative essay has its own features and it is important not to confuse them with basics of persuasive paper. So having analyzed peculiarities of argumentative essay, it is possible to say that here you should not only give information but also present a statement with all pros and cons. This means that you have either to support some arguments or oppose certain ideas.  Argumentative essay has a goal to persuade people to adopt new beliefs or behavior but of course the reader may have doubts and a choice of agreeing or disagreeing.


Writing Argumentative Essay

When you write such paper, you should know several basic tips that help to create perfect argumentative essay. So here you should state your thesis objectively.  It is not permissible to personal. Avoid using statements like “I think that…”, “I agree…” and so on. They can confuse reader and make your essay looking unprofessionally. Instead of such phrases, use more neutral standard arguments. You may also start your sentences with impersonal constructions like “It seems…”, “It is considered that…” etc. They will bring higher level to your paper. So returning to statements, it is also important to mention that you have to support all your ideas with facts. Make use of quotations, statistics and other evidence that will back up your thesis and make it more reputable. If you have some disputable issues or controversial claims, be sure that you have a solid argument. While writing any essay, not only argumentative, you should avoid ambiguity and be clear as much as possible.  As the biggest mistake that people make, is that they define their opinions as a fact. So be sure that your examples support your thesis precisely and re not ambiguous and controversial.  Of course you don’t have an objective to win reader to your side, but still you should present so clear evidence that reader will obviously agree with your statement.

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Argumentative Essay Format

Argumentative Essay Format

Follow the next form to to become skilled in professional argumentative essay writing.  You will keep to these guidelines and it will be easier for you to start writing your paper. So be confident that:

1)      You should begin with a precise argument and show the significance of the presented opinion in accordance with the analyzed problem.

2)      Make it professional with wide range of information concerning your topic. Use outside sources and citations. Make sure that they are all mentioned in reference list.

3)      Be correct and clear when you present evidence. Make sure that your examples are reliable as possible.

Take a look of next structure that incorporates each argumentative essay. Usually such essay has several paragraphs and it is concentrated on various aspects.

1)      Introduction. Here you should introduce your thesis through a strong statement.
2)      Some previous attempts to analyze your subject. Mention who and when tried to research this topic.
3)      The consequences of the phenomena or its negative or positive impact.
4)      The possible result in case if definite researches came to some conclusion.
5)      Summary or conclusion. You summarize your ideas and include thesis restatement.

So look these basic guidelines and learn to write perfect argumentative essay. When you know its format, it will be easier to prepare your assignment.