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Writing assignment papers is an unavoidable action in the current curriculum of education. Critical to the discussion is the fact that writing assignment papers is compulsory for students regardless of their nationality. It follows that students should understand and know how to write assignment papers regardless of their country of learning. To grasp the whole idea of Assignment writing services we first have to answer the following integral questions; what is an assignment paper? The term assignment paper could be defined as an academic manuscript whose purpose is to demonstrate competency on certain topics based on the instructions from tutors. What are various examples of assignment papers? Lastly, how do we write quality assignment papers that will completely fulfill the desired set of objectives? It is clear that writing assignment papers is unavoidable and must be completed succinctly. This article discusses how assignment helper services could help students in the course of their research for their studies.

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College Essay Writers


An essay is an item of writing, which usually originates from the author’s point of view. While expository, an education paper is non-fictional but mostly subjective, and it can include narrative. It can be learned arguments, literary criticism, observations of daily life, political manifesto, reflections, and recollections of an author. An essay’s definition is unclear, and it is almost similar to that of a short story and an article. Papers are common in schools and most students are required to write essays while continuing with their studies. Some students swiftly transit from high school paper writing to college essay writing, but others have problems once they are in college. This might be because the college papers standards are higher than those in high school are. This might frustrate most students and this is where they need the services of college essay writers to assist them with their papers. A college essay writer is someone who assists college students by writing their papers for cash. A student asks for the college paper writer’s services online or from any other place. When the writer completes the student’s essay, he/she returns and when the student is satisfied, he/she pays the writer. The paper writing services are offered over the internet and there are always support people online ready to assist either the college student or the professional collage paper writer.

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How to Write the Best College Assignment

College assignments are the integral part of the college’s academic requirements. As such, college students are often required to write assignments in various topics. In this regard, it is important for every student to be conversant with the tips involved in writing such assignments. Assignments help students to broaden their knowledge base in various fields. Similarly, assignments help teachers to evaluate their students on whether or not they have mastered what they have been taught in class. However, it is quite challenging to get a conceptualized guide having simple and clear tips that can help students on how to write their assignments effectively. With this respect, this guide will offer simple and care tips on the manner in which students can write great assignments.

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How to format your essay in Chicago style

How to format your essay in Chicago style

The first page is usually the title page in Chicago Style of essays. The title of the essay is centered, not bold or underlined and it should be about one-third down the page. The name is placed below the title about half way down the page. The course number is two thirds down the page, followed by the instructor’s name, then date.  The format of the date is Month Day, Year. If the title of another author’s work it should be placed in quotation marks or italicized.

How to format your essay in Chicago style Students

The pages are numbered at the right corner of the page. The title page is not numbered, however the page where text begins is numbered page two. Before the page number the last name of the author and a space is inserted. Chicago uses one inch margins, the right margin is not aligned. The entire document should be double spaced, the notes and bibliography are single spaced.  Block quotations, figure captions and table titles are also single spaced. The first line is indented by half an inch, block quotations are indented five inches. The font size is 12 point, preferably in Times New Roman or Palatino. Block quotations should not be put in quotation marks and are usually preceded by an extra line space.

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EssayFormats How to format your essay in Chicago style

The Chicago format uses footnotes for quotes or paraphrases of other works. A bibliography page is included that lists all the work that was cited in the text. Two blank lies are left before marking the first entry after the title ‘Bibliography’. The entries are arranged in alphabetical order according to the first word. The entries will include authors, (editor, compiler or translator) title and publication information.

Williams, Rothwell:Building In-House Leadership. London: Harvey Publishers, 2003

Rhetoric essay

Rhetoric essay

A rhetoric essay is a kind of a persuasive essay that uses three modes of persuasion, ethos, logos and pathos. From the definition, it follows that a rhetoric analysis is an analysis of a rhetoric essay or any other model used to make a certain statement. It examines the intended statement and evaluates the model used to persuade the intended audience. For example, some statements use ethos-which makes use of the reputation of the person making the statement, others use pathos-which appeals to the emotion of the listeners while other statements use logos-an appeal to logic. Arguments that appeal to logic are usually the best, though this does not necessarily mean they are the most compelling.

Rhetoric essay Students

The first step in writing a rhetorical analysis is to gather information. This step entails finding details about the speaker, the occasion, the audience, the subject and the purpose of the presentation. The background information is useful to the analyst because it helps with background information and consequently helps in proceeding to the next step in writing a rhetoric analysis.

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EssayFormats Rhetoric essay

Examination of the models of persuasion used, the next step in analysis, examines the methods used by the presenter to drive the intended point. For example, as shown earlier, the best modes of persuasion appeal to logic and try to make a logical connection of the proposition to the audience. Examination of the models used is followed by an examination of the style of presentation. For example, repetition of certain points in the presentation makes these points memorable to the audience.

The last step involves a scrutiny of the presentation. Before the analysis, it is important to rationalize the reasons behind the usage of certain points in the analysis. For example, understand why the presentation selected the strategy used and the potential effects of the strategy on the intended audience. If the strategy serves the intended purpose, then the presentation is successful.

Literary Essay Format

Literary Essay Format

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Literary Essay Format

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What Is APA Format?

APA stands for American psychological Association. This is an association that is dedicated towards the efforts of improving on and maintaining the quality of the APA citation style as used in texts, research papers and other publications. Although there are many other citation styles, APA stands out as one of the most popular, as well as easy to use styles. Before the adoption of citation styles in writing articles, research papers and other publications, there was confusion insofar as structure, formatting, writing style and referencing were concerned. Every author used to approach these aspects with their own styles, causing disarray. However, the adoption of APA as the ‘standard’ or rather widely acceptable citation style for all matter dealing with social sciences has restored order in this field. This now forces publishers or articles, research papers and any other publications in the field of social sciences to adopt this citation style as their preferred style. While this took a while to adjust to at the beginning, it has since become the norm for even high school students to format, reference and cite their work in APA.

Group of young students at high school

Like any system, this one is not perfect, as well. The leading scholars in developing this citation style have dedicated much of their time to refining the previous editions of this style into better and more elaborate editions. Since its conception and adoption, APA has witnessed five different editions before its current 6th edition. The editions of APA are simply modifications to the previous rules involved in formatting, citation, word choice and referencing. In this sense, every edition is an improvement of the older edition. Currently in its 6th edition, this citation style is a constant reminder of change and improvement.

What Is APA Format

The APA citation style has a number of rules that almost certainly do not change. First of is the fact that any research paper in APA should encompass four major sections namely: Title Page, Abstract, Main Body and Reference Page in that order. It is worth noting that the Title Page, Abstract and Reference Page are all pages on their own, and do not contain any other information on the same pages. Secondly, the header section of this citation style is quite unique. For the Title Page, the header reads as “Running Head: PAPER TITLE” while for the rest of the pages until the end, it will read “PAPER TITLE”. Needless to say, these headers are always Flush Left.

The first page contains only the author’s name (without any titles) and the Institutional Affiliation. Only the first name and surname are written in full, with the maiden name being represented by the appropriate initial. The Institutional Affiliation represents the institution in which the research was carried out, or the school the author attends. The Abstract is a short highlight of the information found in the main body of the research paper. It provides the reader with a glimpse of what to expect from the paper. For the Reference Page, all references used in the research are cited according to APA style and are arranged in alphabetical order. It is also noteworthy that any lines after the first line are indented. The headings can be centered or flush left and in bold or italicized. This depends on the level of the heading, from 1-5. These are the key areas that define APA as a citation style on its own, and are the areas any writer or publisher applying APA cannot fail to observe.

Importance of Essay Writing

Importance of Essay Writing

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Importance of Essay Writing


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Narrative Essay Format

Narrative Essay Format

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Narrative Essay Format


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Response Essay Format

Response Essay Format

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