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Best Assignment Topics for Environmental Science

What is an Assignment paper in Environmental Sciences?

Assignment papers in Environmental Sciences are usually devoted to studying the effects of man-made infrastructures, phenomena, or events with their surroundings. These essays tackle every aspect of this interaction ranging from the potential benefits, threats, and mitigation efforts dedicated to preventing the degradation of the Environment. The general topics that are usually included in this type of essays are LCA (life cycle assessment), EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), and SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment). The first one, Life Cycle Assessment, discusses the life cycle of particular flora and fauna and situates them with the environmental effects of man (Environmental Impact Assessment). Environmental essays are also devoted towards looking for alternative mitigation efforts against the destructive habits and produces of humans.

Environmental Science

 What is the structure of an Assignment paper?

These types of articles usually require the assignment writers to do thorough research about the strategies to lessen, if not, prevent the harmful environmental impacts of man to their surroundings. Thus, these essays are usually strict and scientific in nature. For most of the time, they start with the Introduction that lays out the logical course of your argument. The Introduction should put out the problems that you’re trying to solve, the course of the discussion, and the overview of the strategies that you’re proposing to minimize these dangers to our environment. Next, comes your body, this is the part where you should provide a point by point argument of what should be done. Factual evidence is crucial here just like any other scientific papers. The most important thing about the body is that careful consideration should be given to the structure and validity of your claims. If possible, it’s better to add additional graphs and charts that would increase its credibility. As an example, if you’re working on the decline of habitats for the Clownfish, then you should show related charts that would bolster you claim. Otherwise, it will just be considered as a folly. Then comes the Conclusion, this is the part where you provide an actual synthesis of the data and evidence that you gathered and the ideas that you put forward.

What is important in writing an Assignment paper in the Environmental Sciences?

Articles written for the environmental sciences are hardly scientific as compared to those written in the field of English literature or Social Sciences for example. Thus, it is imperative that your sources should be credible. For this, it is better to use peer-reviewed journals available on the web or even your local library. Just be sure to cite them appropriately since most of the times the facts that you provide are carefully cross-referenced and checked by those who would also be using your paper as a source. Regarding the structure, it is important to emphasize the need for a strong but smooth flowing argument based on your ideas and that data you gathered. Hard Sciences are usually much boring for the laymen as compared to other topics. Thus, if you want to pique your reader’s interests, then it is critical that you provide them with a smooth flow of the argument.

Now, even before you worry about the structure, you should first worry about the topics that you’ll be working on. Below, we provided some topic examples as help with assignment papers that you have:

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment of GMO Production
  2. Strategies that are beneficial for the reduction of CFC Production
  3. Air Pollution in Third World Countries
  4. Noise Pollution and its effects on the Wildlife
  5. Degradation of Aquatic Habitats in the North Pacific
  6. Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle
  7. Why is the use of PET Bottles harmful for you
  8. Damage of the Ozone and potential threats
  9. Climate change and its effects on the efficiency of food production
  10. Mitigation Strategies in First World Countries to Combat Water Pollution
  11. Effects of CFCs in the depletion of the Ozone layer
  12. Restructuration of the Ozone layer and its benefits
  13. Importance of recycling your stuff
  14. GMOs and the future of food production
  15. Population growth and the decline in Environmental Sustainability
  16. New Technologies in Fuel production
  17. The Earth’s carrying capacity and Population growth
  18. The Lifecycle of Fossil fuels
  19. Strategic Environmental Assessment of Urbanizing Regions
  20. Life Cycle Assessment of a Glass bottle

These are just simple examples. If you want to, you can start with something near your local, like the recycling strategies in your neighborhood. This is a good point because id writing an assignment paper in environmental sciences, writing about issues that directly affect you is a good start.