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Best Assignment Topics for Economics

An assignment paper is a specified task given by an instructor to a student. An assignment paper is meant to analyze a topic or issue. It seeks to present your academic understanding of a particular topic or issue.  In this context, it mainly refers to the tasks given to a secondary or tertiary level students.

Assignment papers are part of the assessment done to determine the competence of students and what one has understood so far in their studies.  Students require a basic knowledge of things needed in writing an excellent assignment paper for them to score better grades. Alternatively, if you are not in the whole “I want to know thing” and you require assignment help you do not have to worry. You can simply have your assignment done by assignment writers. There are million professional writers available if you need help with assignment paper. All you have to do is contact assignment writing companies which are pretty.


First thing first, a student or an assignment writer needs to understand the basic things concerning assignment papers because you will be getting a great deal of them all through your studies or writing career. The first step is to understand the structure or format of an assignment paper because this will help you capture everything.   The structure acts like a map, the guideline that you must follow if you want to score that A, this means that you stick to it no matter what. You can work it out like this:

•    Have an introduction; this is the overall orientation of what you are about to work on rather the topic. The introduction includes the background, context, outline and thesis all wrapped in an introductory paragraph(s).

Tips: To show the instructor you are on track you can use some of the words in the question as part of your introduction. You need to describe the issue in deep. This is the time to prepare a clear outline of your ideas which acts as the secret to an excellent assignment paper.

•    The body or if you like your argument. It is the part where most people get stuck or mess up so badly when they are done writing you understand what’s in their head. The body captures the content of your whole assignment paper. Therefore, you must be careful to guide the reader through a detailed argument. Logically construct your argument supporting it with evidence in such a way that it will excellently present your case. Tips: While doing all this don’t deviate from the topic, link every paragraph with the previous and next paragraph. Ensure you comprehensively work on the thesis statements that are in your introduction.

•    The conclusion. This is the summary of all the great ideas you have been pouring out in the body. Citing the major points of your arguments so that the instructor doesn’t forget. Tips: Don’t bring up any new information in your conclusion, therefore no references in this part. The conclusion also contains the recommendations and the resolutions. Ensure there is a fortification of your thesis in your conclusion.

These are some of the assignment topic examples:

  1. Is economics a science? Discuss.
  2. Examine the tradeoffs we face today.
  3. Highlight the comparative benefits of Trade
  4. Discuss the economic impacts of 2008 financial crisis
  5. Discuss the application of elasticity
  6. Examine various ways of measuring economic development
  7. Examine how the government influences economic outcomes
  8. Analyze the cost of printing too much money
  9. Examine factors leading to unemployment and their solution
  10. Discuss how money laundry affects our economy
  11. How will local government cuts in spending affect local businesses?
  12. Discus how the Dubai Trade Exhibition affects the economy of Unites Arap Emirates?
  13. Discuss the ethics of managerial economics.
  14. Discuss the principles of Economics.
  15. Analyze how markets are the best way to organize economic activity.
  16. How does the government improve the market outcome?
  17. What are some of your views on government policy and principles of economics?
  18. Discuss some of the contributors of market failures.
  19. Discuss how a country’s ability to produce goods and services determines the standards of living.
  20. How does monopoly influence business growth?
  21. Discuss some of the concepts of demand and supply regarding the 2016 Olympic Games.

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