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An assignment paper is a piece of academic work or task assigned to students in school, colleges and universities. Assignments in Australia take several different forms, but the common characteristics are the posing of a central question, a discussion of the given question based on research, and a conclusion. Another paper might focus on specific examples, comparing and contrasting them in order to derive a lesson and a conclusion. In Australia, each professor has different requirements and expects the student to follow them to details. Therefore in understanding what is an assignment one has to pay attention to the particular course and the topic being undertaken thereof.


Common assignment papers in Australia

  • Research essays
  • Project reports
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Case study
  • Laboratory experiment write up
  • Analytical or critical review
  •  Reflective journals
  • Thesis writing

Types of assignment papers in Australia

  • Research Essays

An academic essay is a sustained piece of writing that answers a specific question or task given. It introduces the answer to the assigned question then expands it with sufficient arguments. This is called the thesis statement. The essay must support the thesis point-by-point with evidence and relevant examples, provide information from academic texts or any credible sources.

  • Reports

A report usually analyses or describes a given problem or incident. Reports focus on conveying information with a clear purpose, to a specific audience. The purpose of a report should be clearly defined and the audience (your lecturer) also considered carefully. Unlike an essay which presents an argument, a report presents information. Reports generally include figures and tables containing collected findings or data. A report has to be factual, written in past tense (for completed work), future tense for proposed work and present tense to describe the current situation.

  • Reviews

This could be a book or a journal review. A book review identifies a book’s thesis or aim. The audience for your review is your lecturer or your marker who is an expert in that field. The task here is to show him or her your assessment of the author’s ideas and argument. You should therefore get to know the text you are reviewing by examining the title, table of contents and any preface or introduction. A book review therefore reveals the approaches you might pursue or avoid in your own writing.

  • Case studies

Case studies provide a description of particular practices such as a business problem which is then analyzed critically using relevant theory. They are assignments that unite theoretical information or data and the Actual practice.


  • Response papers

These are assignments that encourage you to express opinions and perspectives on essential events or happenings in history. These assignments are usually short in length and rather informal. It is assumed that you are familiar with the material: you have gone through and discussed it in class. You introduce your paper by formulating a thesis and end with a conclusion. The main body will be composed of a review of the events offering your own view, response and opinion.

  • Annotated Bibliography

This is a list if citations to articles, books and documents. A brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph follows each citation. This is called the annotation. The annotation informs the reader of the relevance, quality and accuracy of the cited sources. It also provides a foundation for further research. This type of assignment allows you to master the primary format of Bibliographies and helps you in identification and engaging a variety of sources on one subject.

  • Reflective journals

This is a personal record of the way you are progressing, your changes in thinking about a given subject. It is a more informal style of writing than other academic assignments. Most journals require regular entries over a period of time. It can also be the basis of an essay or report. It should be clearly written and structured if you need to submit it for marking. The audience for a reflective journal is yourself. The tone has to be conversational.


Regardless of the type of assignment paper students are supposed to do by their professor in Australia, there are basic rules they should keep in mind: allowing sufficient time for preparation and writing of the paper, developing of a thesis, properly organizing their assignment paper, and formulating a conclusion. For better results, they should allow for time for drafts and revisions avoiding common stylistic and formatting errors. This is what assignment help in Sidney and Melbourne, Australia does for you.

Assignment papers in Australia

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