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Basic Tips for Writing an Effective Application Essay

 An application essay can be of critical effect towards the progress in any career. You should spend enough time and effort than its length would suggest. An effective application should show how you get to your professional goals and why you should be considered. Some topics to include are, life experience, intellectual achievements, or any personal theme that is appealing.



Before you start writing an essay, you’re required to read and follow the instructions. This is followed by a research of the field, benefits and shortcomings and why you are interested in the field chosen.


Here you are also to think about yourself and how you would help the reader understand you, what makes you most suitable for the vacancy, education and experience.

Write a draft

Start by free writing like for 15 to 30 minutes without stopping. Think about what we discussed above and try to put it on paper. The draft helps to get your ideas and getting started.

Be focused and personal

Try making your essay not to look like a resume that does not provide your personal detail. Focus on one aspect of yourself and make the reader find your main idea, use your own words. The voice should be approachable and intelligent. You are also required to stick to the word limits

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Effective Application Essay

Be different

This is done to stand out from the rest. This makes your work unique which may be appealing to the reader.

Other resources

Now you may give your paper to other proofreaders, teachers, and or other professionals in the field who may advice and sometimes correct you.