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College Essay Format

College Essay Format

The college essay is an essay that individuals looking to secure places in colleges write. In as much as the students’ grades play a vital part in the selection process that a university employs in recruiting new students, the essay is equally important. Some experts even o further as to argue that the college essay is the most important part of the application process. This is perhaps because the essay provides the student with the opportunity to explain their beliefs or viewpoints concerning whatever prompt they are given. In this way, the reviewers of the thousands of applications submitted to colleges get a glimpse of who the applicant really is. In this way, the applicant is able to add a touch of their personality to the application process.

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To write a good essay, it is important that the applicant follow a set of steps that are designed to produce a quality essay that meets the criteria the college is looking for in an applicant. The first and arguably the most important step is understanding the different prompts. Reading the prompts twice or thrice, and taking some time to internalize what each prompt demands is essential to writing a successful essay. Only by understanding the topic clearly can the applicant write a great essay.

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College Essay Format

Secondly, brainstorming is very important, as well. Since the application essay is designed to help the reviewers understand the opinions and ideologies of the applicant, writing about a personal experience will help convey this in the essay. Next, developing a outline of the essay helps to prevent the writer from digressing and losing the reader. In this sense, the writer is able to remain focused and on the topic, allowing coherence and flow, making reading the essay easier.

Once the essay has been written, it is necessary that the writer take a break before beginning the proofreading process. Taking one or two hours break before proofreading the essay will help the writer to eliminate any mistakes in grammar, punctuation and flow. Lastly, tying up loose ends such as filling out all the required information ensures the submission of a complete and outstanding essay. The college essay is formatted in MLA citation style to ensure conformity in all applicants.


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