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50 best research paper topics

What is a research paper?

Research papers are the foundations of most university courses and possibly is the least desired by many students to work on assignments. It is advisable to work on the research paper several days before the deadline. Selecting a research topic is not a difficult task. It is a great learning experience that needs to be prepared in a timely manner. Whenever a professor instructs students to work on research paper, it is appropriate to take sufficient time to understand what the research topic involves. Understanding demands of the assignment enables a prepared student to know the framework (criteria) for the assignment and allows him to concentrate on what he intends to write. If the assignment is unclear, it is appropriate to seek further guidance from the professor to understand how to explore the research paper. When it comes to selecting a topic, it is recommended to come up with a topic that is based on preferred interest. Sometimes, a student may only have basic knowledge of a given topic. This requires the student to conduct research to come up with detailed information of the topic.


 Understanding the topic and ideas for research paper

Narrowing down the topic in certain cases may be frustrating, though it is not a tedious task. The student needs to develop the topic using reliable sources. Understanding the topic      would enable the students organize and develop his thought logically. Research skills are essential when it comes to developing relevant ideas. This entails going to a library to get ideas from relevant books, journals, articles, electronic sources and internet. It is important to choose relevant information and avoid outdated ideas. Remain updated is necessary when developing relevant ideas. Ideas should be organized into paragraphs that are systemically developed from one another.  Every paragraph should start with a topic sentence which is developed by relevant ideas. After the topic has been developed, it is vital to cite the sources used to build the topic. Moreover, the paper should be formatted, edited and proofread.

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EssayFormats 50 best research paper topics

50 best research paper topics:

1. American firms develop their factories in third world nations where they pay workers low wages. Are U.S companies acting unethically by paying workers low wages or are they doing favor to the workers?

2. Are feminism ideologies still relevant in the current world?

3. Do abstinence programs really work?

4. Do beauty contests really important in the society?

5. Exams do not have great impacts on measuring individuals’ capability. Should they be banned in preference to other methods of assessment?

6. Fast food hotels and restaurants have been blamed for causing people become obese. Is it true to blame them or is it individual responsibility the cause of the blame?

7. For each man who earn $1, there are women how earn as little as 75 cents. Explain why this wage gap still exists currently?

8. Has internet made children more socialized and smarter?

9. Has United States increase terrorism or managed to contain it? Will it worsen or be addressed? Why?

10. In the past years, an artist faced much criticism for portraying the Virgin Mary using elephant dung. In what way an art is not a genuine art?

11. In what way have cell phones changed human lives socially?

12. In what ways are aborted fetuses important for stem cell research?

13. In what ways is shyness different from social anxiety?
Is it appropriate for journalists to be demanded to disclose their sources of information or news coverage?

14. Is breaking the rule of law for an intended purpose justifiable?

15. Is global warming a false ideology? Is it an exaggeration?

16. Is it appropriate for illegal immigrants to be allowed become legal citizens?

17. Is it appropriate for the convicted felons to be given the privilege to vote?

18. Is it appropriate for the government to control information accessed on the internet?

19. Is it appropriate for the government to legalize the sales and consumption of marijuana?

20.  Is it true that both broadcast and print media report fairly? Or do they create their own news?

21. Is it true that news coverage discriminates against others races, but favors whites?

22. Is it true that wind energy more effective and affordable than other energy sources?

23. Is it unlawful to make use of animals for entertainment and sports?

24. Is the No Child Left behind Act really working?

25. Is United States losing or becoming successful in Iraq war?

26. It is a law in Britain that before high school student join colleges, they are expected to take a gap year. Should the government adopt this system?

27. Many times in the past, children were used to fight wars. How did this happen?

28. Should firms and organizations allow workers to do physical exercise during work time?

29. Should juvenile convicts be punished and sentenced as adults?

30. Should some advertisements be banned for the betterment of moral and health interests?

31. Should the government ban indoor smoking?

32. Should the government establish strict regulations on the type of foods prepared in school   cafeterias?

33. Should the government impose school children to cite the Pledge of Allegiance?

34. Should the government legalize the idea of selling human organs?

35. Should the government reforms law to make certain the couples get it difficult to divorce?

36. Should the law be reformed to enable lesbians and gays to marry legally?

37. Should the public pay Medicare including other health expenses to cater for health problems faced by obese people?

38. Should United States collaborate with Kyoto to control emission of greenhouse gases?

39. Should United States reduce drinking age to people from 18 and above years to drink or ban it?

40. Should women be allowed to serve as rabbis, pastors, priests and ordained ministers?

41. Since establishment of homeland security department, has United States become much safer?

42. The government has placed a minimum wage limit, is it appropriate for it to put a maximum wage limit?

43. The world is in the era of information age. Doe this implies that people are losing vital historical information?

44. What are the current ways that fraudsters steal use to identity and involve in cyber crimes?

45. What are the merits and demerits of school uniforms?

46. When children break the rule of law, should their parent be bear such responsibility?

47. Who are held responsible for airplane accidents? Is it appropriate for family members of the victims to be given compensation?

48. Why do so many wars happen in Africa? What are best solutions to address these?