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50 best persuasive essay topics

How to Plan a persuasive essay topic

Planning is important when it comes to selecting appropriate persuasive essay topic. A writer needs to consider a topic that can develop mental picture on the audience’s minds. It is vital to come up with an entertaining topic as well as that gives descriptive details of the events happening. The selected topic should provoke little emotion on the audience. This ensures that the readers are kept attentive and therefore makes the essay become lively and better. The topic should engage the readers. It is advisable to look for an idea that the write understands based on his or her certain personal experience or knowledge. This is an issue that the writer should be passionate about.


The Importance of Choosing a Good Topic

There are many topics that can be written or presented.  It is appropriate to select a topic that stirs emotion. Students should avoid selecting over-done topics such abortion, sex, global warming among others. The topic needs to be developed for an interesting and fresh perspective.

Moreover, the selected topic should be specific and easily researchable. Doing research is crucial   aspect as it helps to build the topic with relevant information. The topic should be developed    using credible sources.

The selected topic should have an edge. This implies that the topic should stir reaction from the opponents on one side while passionate supporters act on the other end. Precisely, the topic should be debatable. This implies that the problem within the essay should remain unsolved. Persuasive essay entails developing personal opinion that stirs controversy. It is a persuasive topic because the presenter delivers information to the readers in an appealing manner that aims to convince them to accept the presenter’s viewpoint. The writer requires gathering adequate evidence to support his opinion. Furthermore, the topic should be relevant, interesting, grab readers’ attention and engage them.

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50 best persuasive essay topics



50 best persuasive essay topics:

  1. A law should be enacted to ensure that teenagers start taking parenting courses;
  2. Acting as a spy is something patriotic ;
  3. Animal testing is unethical;
  4. Annual driving tests need to be compulsory for drivers above 60 years of age;
  5. Beauty contests have harmful impacts on body image ;
  6. Cats are better pets than dogs;
  7. Children below 15 should not be allowed to access facebook social site;
  8. Children should be allowed to go to school with pets;
  9. Children should not be given much homework;
  10. Cigarettes need to be much costly;
  11.  Compulsory entrance exam must be set for high school;
  12. Every citizen in this country should learn how to speak French;
  13. Every family needs to have effective mechanism to avoid natural disaster;
  14. Every school needs to enforce bullying advocacy initiatives;
  15. Having too much money is something harmful;
  16. High Schools need to provide degrees in sciences and arts;
  17. Internet is something everybody should access for free;
  18. It should be made compulsory that pregnant women should attend parenting lessons ;
  19. Kids need to be allowed to vote;
  20. Law has to be reformed to ensure that children study more;
  21. Law should be reviewed to ensure that all students study overseas;
  22. Law should be reformed to ensure that smokers contribute health tax;
  23. Life has changed positively than it was in the past 20 years;
  24. Living in rural place is better than living in urban region;
  25. No textbook should be on sale, they should be given out for free;
  26. One type of currency should be used across all countries in the world ;
  27. Parents need to talk with their children about sex and drugs at the tender age;
  28. Parents of the rude and bully students should be compelled to pay fines;
  29. People should not buy mps music, they should given for free;
  30. People should start living in the moon;
  31. Policy should be reformed to make certain that students should not wear school uniforms;
  32. Products manufactured from animal skins should be made illegal;
  33. Racism, discrimination and prejudice should be illegal;
  34. Resurrection is possible;
  35. School exams should be abolished;
  36. School lessons should be conducted during evening hours;
  37. Students who bull others should be expelled from school;
  38. Teachers should pray for children in school;
  39. Teenagers should be allowed to choose time they need go for sleep;
  40. The Electoral College needs reformation;
  41. The government should make recycling mandatory for every person;
  42. The government should pay children who achieve good grades;
  43. The government should strictly control gun ownership;
  44. The law should consider that at least one parent need to work at home;
  45. There is no need of school holidays;
  46. There should be limitation of free speech;
  47. There should be limitation of freedom of worship and religion;
  48. There should be no school holiday longer than two weeks;
  49. Video games should be informative and educative;
  50. Women should given more powers in leadership position than men.